You have the eyes of a hawk if you can see the leopard hidden in this wild optical illusion in under 10 seconds

EAGLE-EYED readers have been challenged to find the animal concealed in this wildlife-inspired brain teaser

The puzzle is set to leave heads scrambled as players have been tasked to find the leopard in just 10 seconds.


Can you find the leopard in this wildlife scene?Credit: Getty

It’s not as easy as it sounds as at first glance, it seems there is no animal in the picture.

The animal has camouflaged itself in the forest located in central India.

Eyes have been darting across the picture in a frantic bid to find the animal before the time runs out.

Those who are struggling should be drawn to the animal’s iconic print.

From there, they should be able to trace the outline of the beast before spotting its face.

The predator’s innocent-looking eyes can be seen poking through the branches and bushes of the forest.

Did you beat the clock and find the animal within 10 seconds?

If that illusion proved to be a headscratcher, see if you can work out how many eggs are in this crate.

Again, readers face a race against time as they must count all the eggs within 10 seconds.

And you should be warned that it’s not as easy as you first think.

Another tricky brainteaser has tested the patience of viewers who have been tasked with finding the puppy among the bundle of toys.

Readers might be able to boast they have the eyes of a hawk if they can spot the cat hiding in the store.

Ahead of the fall season, see if you can find the six pumpkins in this park scene.

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But the puzzle isn’t as easy as it may sound as the seasonal fruit has been concealed in the busy park.

And, speaking of Halloween, can you find the bat among the cats within 30 seconds?

How long did it take you to spot the beast?


How long did it take you to spot the beast?Credit: Getty

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