You have sharp eyes if you can spot a rabbit in 5 seconds or less

Internet users love to solve optical illusion problems. It provides a great way to pass the time.

Find out now with a quick optical illusion challenge. The image shared above shows an outdoor scene where you can see tall grass and some bushes.

Green plants are a delight to the eyes. And this green plant is also a food source for the furry animals that you need to find in this picture. As the title suggests, you must find the bunny hiding in the bushes within 5 seconds.

The grass when dry will form hay, which is the favorite food of rabbits. Optical illusion challenges like these are a great way to test your observational skills as well as your wits. While it’s considered a good way to test your intelligence, it’s not the only way to do it.

However, if you really want to know your IQ level, professionally done IQ tests are the best way to find out.

Did you find the rabbit in 5 seconds? Rabbits are adorable creatures with big ears and round eyes and love to eat hay. They are also great pets.

You must find a rabbit in this picture within 5 seconds. Have you seen a rabbit? The clock is ticking and the time will soon end. The rabbit has merged into the grass so it is difficult to detect at first glance.

To spot the rabbit in this picture, the best way is to look closely at the picture and spot anything that resembles the shape of the rabbit. It’s a great way to test your observation skills and situational Have you spotted a rabbit yet? Hurry up; there’s still a few seconds left.And..Time’s up.

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How many of you pay attention to the rabbit? Curious where it is? Continue reading. Find a rabbit in 5 seconds — solution

The rabbit can be seen hiding in the grass and is easily detected by its large ears and large black eyes.

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