You Have A ‘High IQ’ If You Can Spot The Three Red Arrows In This Optical Illusion: How Smart People Avoid Being Fooled

The optical illusion test confused adults who were trying to find an inconsistency in an image.

The creator of the illusion claims that the people who can find the three hidden red arrows may have “extraordinary intelligence”.


Some people can find three red arrows in less than 15 seconds Credit: Toff London

Jagran Josh, a pre-professional advice website, says that adults who use puzzles regularly can build their intelligence.

The site also says that the puzzles are a way to enter another world.

“An optical illusion is a terrifying and deeply fascinating image of an object, drawing or person that changes shape and challenges the way the brain perceives things,” the website says.

“These optical illusions are also part of the field of psychoanalysis because they shed light on how you perceive things.”


The main objective is to find three arrows that are on a board in less than 15 seconds.

The arrows are red, and the spaces between the panels are the same red color as the arrows.

Items of the same red color are also present on the dart boards.

The group of three red arrows fades into the background color for many puzzle solvers.


The three arrows are much smaller than any board, which complicates the illusion.

Can you spot them?

If you’re ready for a solution, the US Sun has circled three arrows in the image below.

The darts appear in the lower right corner of the dart puzzle.

Three arrows are in the lower right corner


Three arrows are on the bottom right Credit: Toff London

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