You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the microphone hidden in this mind-boggling optical illusion in under 60 seconds

ONLY those with the eyes of a hawk can spot the hidden microphone in this fiendishly difficult optical illusion.

Brainteasers and puzzles can help with memory, patience, and brain training.


Can you spot the microphone?Credit: Ticketgum

This tricky puzzle from Ticketgum has got music fans wondering where the mic is. 

According to the creators, it takes the average person over a minute to locate the hidden microphone.

Every two in 10 people ended up giving up altogether.

The image has layers of musical instruments and other objects associated with concerts.

The layering and the mixture of colors and patterns make it more challenging for your eyes to keep focused on their goal.

Can you spot the microphone?

If you are struggling, cast your eyes on the bottom half of the image and ensure that you are looking for something small.

A keen eye for detail is the key to solving this brainteaser.

Specifically, look at the bottom left-hand corner of the image where there is a camera, a roll of film, a drum set, and a stage light.

If you give up, scroll down to see the solution to the tricky puzzle.

The tiny microphone can be spotted at the bottom of the drum kit next to the strip of film.

If you enjoyed that, why not see if you can spot the face hidden among the birds?

Or, try and spot the hidden eagle in a picture of a mountain landscape in under 10 seconds.

Only people with the very best vision are able to locate it.

Only those with the eyes of a hawk could spot the microphone in under a minute


Only those with the eyes of a hawk could spot the microphone in under a minuteCredit: Ticketgum

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