You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the elephant hiding from the hunter in this mind-bending optical illusion

YOU could have perfect eyesight if you can spot the elephant hidden from the hunter in this crazy optical illusion.

Only one per cent of viewers are able to find the elusive elephant in the sketch drawing.


Nick shared the mind boggling image online

TikToker Hectic Nick shared a video with the illusion in it, and many have been left scratching their heads.

In the sketch, a hunter can be seen searching a dense forest for the perfectly hidden creature.

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Take a closer look at the sketch – if you weren’t able to spot the elephant, we’ve circled it for you below.

Here’s a hint: try flipping the image upside down.

One frustrated user wrote: “I took ten hours to find this.”

Another penned: “It’s the trees.”

While a third brazen person added: “Saw it without having to flip. I guess I’m in the one per cent.”

Most had to flip the photo to see the solution


Most had to flip the photo to see the solution

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