You have 20/20 vision if you can see the egg hidden among the sweet treats in less than 10 seconds

ONLY those with perfect vision can spot the egg hidden among the baking ingredients and equipment in this tricky brain teaser.

If you enjoy puzzles and spending time in the kitchen, this brain teaser will combine two of your favorite things.


Can you spot the egg in this colorful brain teaser?Credit: Replay Poker

Trying to solve an illusion forces your brain to consider the smaller details, and you realize how much your eyes miss things.

This egg-cellent teaser was created by Replay Poker in honor of a new season of The Great British Bake Off.

Among the sweet treats and baking equipment is an egg – can you find it in less than 10 seconds?

In the colorful image, you can see donuts, brownies, cupcakes cookies, macaroons, bows of flour, and cherry pies.

There are also whisks, rolling pins, oven gloves, and piping bags.

The layered objects and array of colors make it harder to spot the egg.

While the bright green macaroons stand out from the pink background, the beige of the egg is strikingly similar to a number of items featured in the image.

The egg is the same shade as the rolling pins, plain sponge cakes, and similar to the cookies.

For those who need a clue, focus on the top left-hand corner of the picture and look closely at all of the objects.

Maybe look at the rolling pins and try to see if there is one that looks slightly different.

If you are still struggling, scroll down to reveal the answer.

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The egg can be spotted in the top left-hand corner acting as the handle of the rolling pin.

It can be seen just above the pink oven glove and cupcake, to the left of the cookie, and just below the bowl of flour and rolling pin.

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Only those with a lot of patience and 20/20 vision could spot the egg without help


Only those with a lot of patience and 20/20 vision could spot the egg without helpCredit: Replay Poker

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