You Could Have A Superior IQ If You Can Solve This Simple Math Riddle In Less Than 15 Seconds

TEST your math skills trying to solve this puzzle.

If you can find the answer in less than 15 seconds, it could mean you have a high IQ.


Can you solve this in less than 15 seconds? Credit: Freshers Live

The puzzlers were challenged to guess the fourth sum using the first three.

To solve the final problem, you need to calculate what number each fruit represents.

The first shows three mangoes added together to get 15, which divided by three equals five.

And the second sum shows a mango added to two pears for a total of 23.

Subtracting the mango, five, from 23 gives 18, which is divided by two so that each pear equals nine.

The third equation shows that one pineapple plus two pears equals 21.

So we know that a pear is nine, so double is 18 – and 21 minus 18 is 3, so the pineapple must represent three.

So the last problem should be easy to solve by now: one mango (five) plus one pineapple (three) plus one pear (nine), for a total of 17.

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