You Can Play RE4 Remake Demo’s Secret Hard Mode (But There’s A Catch)

this Evil 4 The remake demo has a secret difficulty called Mad Chainsaw mode. It can be unlocked by players looking for a more challenging approach to survival horror gameplay. During the Capcom Spotlight event, the developer announced the release of a free trial for all players.

front Evil 4After the official launch on March 24th, players will be able to experience the new features added in the highly anticipated remaster. Although the game usually offers a regular difficulty mode, players can also play in Evil 4 Demo of the Remake, which Capcom himself described as “Extremely difficult.“Besides the challenge, completing the level will not yield any additional rewards.

How to unlock secret hard mode in demo of RE4 Remake

Unlock secret hard mode Evil 4 Unfortunately, the remake’s demo was a matter of chance.Tip Evil 4 The crazy chainsaw pattern that the demo remake seems to be random and can happen when the player tries to launch the game for the first time or after many tries. After they choose to start a new game, a special prompt about extreme difficulty may appear on the screen, allowing players to choose whether they want to try it or not. According to the note provided by Capcom, the Crazy Chainsaw mode is only for the demo and will not appear in the final version, changing the story Evil 4Remake of .

Difference in Crazy Chainsaw Mode for RE4 Remake Demo

A Ganado villager from Resident Evil 4 Remake approaches the camera, brandishing a weapon.

The first direct difference to Secret Hardmode appears in Evil 4The demo remake is the aforementioned randomness. Players cannot activate it through sheer willpower and must wait for it to activate before attempting the demo’s crazy chainsaw mode. However, the main difference between this mode and normal difficulty is the overall challenge that the player will feel while playing the game. Opponents in Chainsaw Madness will be harder to take down, plus there will be more enemies throughout the demo. Most importantly, the enemy is Evil 4The remastered demo will deal more damage than usual.

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secret hard mode Evil 4 The remake’s demo Mad Chainsaw mode is a great addition for veteran players who know most of the franchise’s key elements and can handle the higher difficulties with ease. easy. even those unfamiliar evil resident, but getting used to survival horror games will be fun in the more difficult modes. Those new to the franchise or struggling with the genre should consider avoiding the challenge when prompted, as it can be an intimidating experience for them.

Although the secret is difficult RE4 The demo, Crazy Chainsaw Mode, will not appear in the final version of the game, Evil 4The remake will change the gameplay and make obvious changes to the story itself. Remakes of classic Capcom games launch March 24 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via Steam), but they’re nothing like the older versions of the past. About experiment, Evil 4There is no time limit, allowing players to replay as many times as they like before release.

source: Evil Resident / Twitter

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