You are very keen if you can spot the bear hidden in the ice picture within 5 seconds!

You probably already know that solving tough puzzles every day makes you smarter. These online quizzes have been scientifically proven to boost your cognitive abilities, memory power, logic and observation abilities. What’s more, these brain problems are tried and true mood enhancers. You can test yourself and improve your skills while having fun along the way. This is a win-win situation.

So today we are here with a brand new version of these hidden object puzzles. Today we have prepared a visual test for you. The concept of this new brain teaser is pretty simple. You have to examine the photo and discover the hidden object inside it. So are you ready to challenge your vision? Let’s start.

Spot a bear in 5 seconds!


Source: Pinterest

In this photo you can see a snowy holiday landscape. In the picture is the inn, where you can see the luggage left outside and the cute husky guarding. There is also a bear hidden somewhere here. The challenge for you is to try to find the bear within the given seconds. As you know, there is also a time limit for this visual test puzzle. You only have 5 seconds to spot the bear and pass this challenge. Grab, set and go. Good luck.

The solution to this picture puzzle is at the end of this article. If you can’t solve this puzzle within the allotted time, scroll down to see where the bear has long been hiding.

Visual inspection solution

The bear has been hiding under our noses the whole time. See for yourself:

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