Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Says Rip & Beth Will Never Be Fully At Peace

Yellowstone star, Cole Hauser, says that Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton will never be fully at peace. Created by writer-director Taylor Sheridan, the modern western drama series centers on John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the patriarch of a family that has owned the largest ranch in Montana for over 100 years. Kelly Reilly stars as Beth, John’s unflinchingly loyal daughter whose skills as a lawyer is put to good use defending the Yellowstone Ranch from outside threats. Season 4 sees Beth marry Rip (Hauser), the ranch’s rugged foreman who runs the compound’s day-to-day operations and acts as John’s enforcer.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hauser admitted that Rip and Beth will never achieve peace between them. The actor praised Sheridan’s writing as well as the direction he has taken the couple’s marriage in season 5, noting the positive emotion between Rip and Beth. Read what Hauser said about Rip and Beth below:

“I kind of dig that Taylor [Sheridan, creator] didn’t all of a sudden spin Rip and Beth’s relationship on its heels and make it more stressful now that they’re married. Taylor doesn’t write in a way for us ever to be totally settled in, and that’s part of the reason I like his style of writing, and I know Kelly does, too. Everything we do, there is emotion, there is love, there’s tension. There are all these colors within the scenes. But I don’t know if he has the ability to write them at peace totally, it’s just not in the cards.”

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What’s Next For Rip & Beth

It is clear that Hauser understands why the recently married couple will never be at peace. Due to deeply rooted trauma, both Rip and Beth will never achieve a sense of calm within themselves. Beth blames herself for her causing her mother’s accidental death when she was a child, and Rip was forced to kill his abusive father after his old man had already killed Rip’s brother and mother. Their trauma may have contributed to their mutual attraction, but likely also caused their continual emotional unrest.

Although their marriage will create a new set of challenges for the two, Hauser and Reilly previously teased that their love will remain as strong as it has ever been. The actors stated that Beth’s past will come back to haunt her, forcing her to be her most rageful, but she will find reliable comfort in Rip. Much of her anger will be aimed at her brother Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) as she sees him as a threat to the family. However, Beth and Rip will also face less dramatic challenges through a surrogate child. Although Beth can no longer bear children, her acceptance of Carter (Finn Little), the troubled 14-year-old orphan she found at the hospital in season 4, will give the couple a new outlet for their love.

From a very young age, both Rip and Beth have struggled emotionally. Rip focused on his ranch work, keeping his hands busy to push his mind away from his dark past, while Beth left for law school to become a valuable legal ally for her father. With Rip given more responsibility on the ranch due to John’s appointment as governor of Montana, and Beth taking on a new role as her father’s Chief of Staff, Yellowstone season 5 will see the newlyweds challenged both physically and emotionally.

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