Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey: 7 facts about Steve Harvey’s son

Having a famous parent will ultimately bring you into the spotlight, whether you like it or not. All the attention they receive from the public extends to their family, and eventually, you end up being in the limelight. Well, the case is not any different for Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey.

Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey
Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey posing for the camera. Photo: @wyntonharveySource: Instagram

Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey is well-known for being Steve Harvey’s son. The 24-year-old bears an astonishing resemblance to his father, and without a doubt, Wynton Harvey is Steve Harvey’s biological son. His mother is Mary Shackelford, Steve Harvey’s second ex-wife.

7 facts about Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey

Choosing not to walk in his father’s shadow, Wynton has gone ahead to build an identity of his own circled on his hobbies and talent. In this article, you will learn some interesting facts that make Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey who he is.

1. Wynton Harvey has siblings

Wynton Harvey’s father has had three marriages from which he got several children. So despite being Steve and Mary’s only child, Wynton Harvey has six siblings with whom he shares surnames. His step-siblings from Steve’s first marriage are twins Karli and Brandi and their brother Broderick Harvey. From his father’s current marriage, he’s a step-brother to Morgan, Lori and Jason Harvey.

He relates well with his siblings, and they stay connected as a family. This is seen when he and Lori Harvey appeared in a YouTube video titled Wynton and Lori pack for college on their father’s channel. They have also been part of other videos by his father, such as College Gadgets and Steve Harvey- Celebrate my drive, indicating how much of a good relationship they have with each other.

Moreover, he’s also an incredible uncle to his nephew and nieces. He finds the time to spend with them and shares those enjoyable moments on his Instagram page, expressing how much he loves them. From this, you can quickly tell Steve Harvey’s children have a great relationship.

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2. He’s Steve Harvey’s last born

Steve Harvey has quite the number when it comes to children. He is blessed with seven children from his three marriages. However, not all of them are his biological children. Four out of the seven are his biological children, whereas he adopted the other three when he married Marjorie Elaine Harvey.

What’s unique about Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey is that he is Steve Harvey’s last born, biologically and among his seven children. Steve only sired children in his first two marriages, and since Wynton was the last child from the previous marriage, it makes him Steve Harvey’s last biological child.

With Marjorie, Steve has the three children he adopted after their marriage and coincidentally, they are all older than Wynton. Lori and Wynton are age mates, but Lori is older by months. Lori was born in January 1997, whereas Wynton was born in July 1997, again making him the last born among Steve Harvey’s children.

Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey
Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey sitting on the grass. Photo: @wyntonharveySource: Getty Images

3. Wynton is crazy about art

From a very young age, Wynton Harvey knew he was going to be a photographer. At the age of 11, he realized he was passionate about photography and immediately got himself involved. He downloaded graphic editors to give pictures his magical touch by editing them.

His passion was deeply rooted in him as he grew up. After graduating high school with a diploma, he enrolled at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta to realize his dream of becoming a photographer and fashion designer. In 2020, he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts.

Apart from being a student and Steve Harvey’s son, what does Wynton Harvey do? He’s a photographer and an occasional model. He launched his professional photography career in 2016 and did his first showcase in Atlanta when he was 20. Additionally, he opened a studio in Atlanta where he does most of his work, from shooting portraits to capturing landscapes and conceptualizing household objects.

He shares his work on Instagram, where he has a dedicated page for his artwork and website.

4. Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey is serious about relationships

Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey keeps his romantic relationship private but not a secret. He is currently dating famed journalist Ed Gordon’s daughter, Taylor Gordon. The two have been together since 2016, and this came as an announcement when Wynton Harvey shared a post on Instagram celebrating their first anniversary in 2017.

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The couple’s pictures online show how happy they are with each other’s company. They go on date nights and even vacations. Taylor was with Wynton when he vacated with his father in St. Tropez in 2019.

Maintaining a relationship for four years at a young age is such a win for Wynton Harvey, especially since he’s from a generation where relationships aren’t taken seriously and adding to the fact that he is in the limelight.

5. Steve Harvey is his custodian

Wynton Harvey’s parents were not fortunate in their marriage. After ten years of being husband and wife, Steve Harvey and Mary Shackelford divorced, leading to a dramatic and eventful custody battle. However, the court ruled in favour of Steve Harvey and granted him full custody of his son Wynton.

The court granted his mother visitation and a generous settlement that included a one-off payment of $1.5 million, retainment of three of their homes and $40,000 per month after the divorce. But unfortunately, most of it went down the drain after violating a court order in 2013 by falsely accusing Steve Harvey of child abuse. There was no evidence to support her allegations. Hence, Steve’s name was cleared by the court, and he remained Wynton’s custodian.

6. Wynton Harvey is on the road to becoming a millionaire

Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey posing for the camera on a yacht. Photo: @wyntonharveySource: Instagram

Having established his career in photography, Wynton is already making a mint as a photographer and model. He’s estimated to be earning over $65,000 annually from photography and much more with modelling. At 24, his net worth is $500,000, yet he went professional. You can only imagine how much of a millionaire he will soon be after mastering his craft as a photographer and model.

7. He is an activist and philanthropist

Wynton Harvey is a human rights activist who champions the protection of human rights. He is an avid supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and actively participated in a protest. He walked in a peaceful protest for George Floyd, an African American who was unlawfully killed by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Among the many things, Wynton shares with his father is a philanthropic spirit. Both Steve Harvey and Wynton Harvey are philanthropists, and he hopes to become the most philanthropic man in history one day.

As young as he is, Wynton Harvey has a lot to show of himself. His passion for photography led him to pursue a degree in Arts. As a result, he’s a professional photographer and model with a studio located in Atlanta. He is also into fashion and dreams of becoming a fashion designer in his career.

Wynton has a great relationship with his blended family and enjoys spending time with them. He doesn’t shy from speaking about human rights and actively participates in peaceful protests. As a photographer, he hopes to share the most magnificent and appealing photographs with the world.

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