WWE 2K22: How to Download Community Creations

There is a way for players to download Community Creations within WWE 2K22. These community creations can be several things, including wrestlers, arenas, and title belts. Some popular creations include trending pop culture characters, nostalgic wrestlers, and arenas from other wrestling organizations.

Since Community Creations allows players to upload and download, several extremely creative players have designed their favorite custom characters. Additionally, the Community Creations can come from any platform regardless of the player’s platform. This means that a player can create and upload a wrestler on their PC version of WWE 2K22, and another player on the Xbox One version can download that creation.

After the recent event at the Oscars where Will Smith smacked Chris Rock live on stage, someone uploaded the two characters into WWE 2K22 for players to download and wrestle with. Unfortunately, many former popular WWE wrestlers are currently wrestling in the AEW and are contractually unable to be included on the WWE 2K22 roster. However, players can use wrestlers like Sting, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho, thanks to Community Creations.

In order to download a community creation from another player in WWE 2K22, the player must first go to the “Online” section of the game. Once there, the player will select the “Community Creations” menu. Finally, the player will choose the “Downloads” button.

Once in this section, there are several selections for the player to choose to download from. There are Superstars, Images, Arenas, Championships, Shows, Move-Sets, Money in the Banks, and Favorites. After a selection is made, the player will see several options. This is where the player will see the uploaded creations in WWE 2K22.

A player can choose any option under the following categories: Most Recent, Most Downloaded, and Most Up Voted. The player has to scroll over an option to see their available choices on an action to perform. Depending on the platform, there will be a specific button for each action.

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For example, on Xbox One or Xbox Series X and S, the player can push A to start the download. The player also has the option to press the “View” button to see all of the information about the creation and even save the creator as a favorite by pushing X. The player can also push the Y button to search manually for a creation instead of selecting from the three categories.

It is that simple for players to download from Community Creations in WWE 2K22. These easy steps can have players recreating the Batman vs. Superman feud in no time.

WWE 2K22 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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