WoW: Dragonflight Professions System Revamp – Everything You Should Know

There is so much new in content and features with the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion, including a major overhaul to the Profession system within the game. All new ways of crafting orders, an item quality mechanic, and skills for specializing in certain types of crafts are all being added to the game for the first time in this major change. The developers have even added the ability to request other players craft things when one does not have the skill to do it themselves.

Blizzard has gone above and beyond with the sheer amount of changes introduced with this latest expansion. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is introducing cool changes to so many features, from the UI and HUD to the actual Dragonflight ability and Dracthyr Evoker class/race combination. With so much going on, the changes to the Profession system seem like a small tweak; however, on closer inspection, it proves to add much to the game. The game has added new specialization points for craft-specific specializations, Profession gear that won’t take up inventory space, item quality, and more. All of these add up to create a much more engaging system of not only crafting but also gathering and other professions within WoW.

What WoW: Dragonflight’s Profession Revamp Changes

Blizzard has stated that with the Dragonflight expansion, it wanted to change Professions to become more of a part of a player’s identity; something a player is proud of and wants to take ownership of. The Talents system also got revamped in WoW: Dragonflight expansion, further adding to Blizzard’s goal of giving players more control over their character development.

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Here are the key changes taking place to the Profession system:

Crafting Orders

Request crafted items from other players in an interface similar to the Auction House.

Crafting Specializations

Earn specialization points in Inspiration, Resourcefulness, Multicraft, and Crafting Speed abilities to add skill points in specific areas for a chosen profession.

Item Quality

Crafted items and gathered reagents will now have a quality attribute. The higher the quality, the better it is and more it is worth.

Profession Gear

Players can collect new WoW: Dragonflight gear specific to their profession which adds special stats. This gear will not take up any inventory space, and will automatically apply when needed, such as when a player begins to mine or harvest flowers.

Crafting Tables

Crafting tables for each profession will be in a centralized hub within Valdrakken and will provide a way for players to meet up or find other crafters to reach out to.

Recrafting Gear

A player can bring an already-crafted item back to the crafting window and use special reagents and mats to recraft the item to increase quality or change the reagents included.

This revamping of the Professions system will allow players to focus on certain areas that they feel make sense for their character, or simply what sounds fun for them. Guilds will benefit from opportunities of having members specialize in varying aspects of professions. Additionally, the specialization and use of skill points in professions, including the gathering abilities, could create changes to the way many players approach gold farming. Overall, the new system will be an exciting addition to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and will open up a whole new way of approaching the various professions within the game.

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Source: Blizzard

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