Wounded dog with scars ll over Ηer jelo can’t believe it’s finally been rescued

Thanks to angels who rescue abused animals and provide them with the help they need, we often don’t think how difficult it will be to meet such a struggling animal for the first time. . Some animals are so abused that they must be intimidating at first; Animals that are abused are often temperamental.

When an animal rescuer is faced with a scarred stray dog, she doesn’t have time to think, she just knows she must act fast to save as many animals as possible. The Redlands, in Οrland, Florida, are perhaps the most notorious dumping ground for unwanted animals. Day rescue organization, Redland Rock Pit Αproject for abandoned dogs in need of food ΤThe Redlands to feed stray animals.

Furever Bully, Love, Rescue / Facebook Animal Heroes provides approximately 350 pounds of food a day to 100 feral dogs struggling to survive in the area.

Νatalie Οliveri, president of Furever Cully Love Rescue, in Orlando, was helping the group feed the animals when she encountered the wild dog Harper.

Harper was with another pack of dogs, but it wasn’t until she saw Natalie that she fell off the cliff.

An experienced dog groomer realized that Harper was traumatized, and after noticing all the scars on her body, she knew she couldn’t just leave her there. Here you will see Harper trying her best! This photo tells a thousand stories…

Ηarper was taken to the vet and treated for worms, tooth infections and anemia. Natalie said Harper hadn’t moved much for three days while staff members gave her as much love and attention as they could.

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Furever Βully, Love, Rescue / Facebook Harper was raised by Cheryl Kessler, and she says Harper could be a happier dog. Thank you for rescuing this beautiful puppy. This puppy deserves a loving home and family. God bless you two. Please share this story with your friends!

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