Wordle Today: 742 Hints and Clues July 1 with Word Puzzle Solution

Many games come and go, but Wordle has always stood out. With the first hint of the day, Wordle lovers around the world open their eyes to the excitement of breaking the Wordle of the day. Unsurprisingly, NYTimes Wordle is undoubtedly the most popular online word game in the world. Are you excited about Wordle today? Wordle is an easy word these days, but getting the maximum score in Wordle game with the help of Jagran Josh’s fun Wordle tips is another joy. Get the most out of Wordle today with our super fun tips. New to Wordle? Find out what Wordle is before diving into our special Wordle tips of the day. Once you’re familiar with the Wordle game and its rules, it’s easy to get a wink of the day after cracking the Wordle! Worried if you can jailbreak Wordle 742 for July 1, 2023? We are known for providing Wordle answers along with cool Wordle suggestions to make your Wordle game experience worthwhile.


What is Wordle?

Many webgames come and go, but only a few leave their mark. The New York Times’ Wordle is one such pun. Simply put, Wordle is a web-based word game that asks the player to guess a five-letter English word each day.

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The fact that the Wordle game is so fun and hard to crack is that you can only solve the game once per day. This means that if you miss the number of opportunities booked in Wordle, you missed your chance for the day. Wordle jailbreak days get even more fun when you have cool tips and clues to help you. That’s why we bring you special Wordle tips for you to always win at Wordle NYTimes game. Can’t wait to see Wordle’s answer today? Don’t worry! We’ve listed Wordle answers for you at the end!


How to play Wordle?

NYTimes Wordle is not as simple as one might think. As mentioned above, it comes with a grid with more squares. You have 6 chances to guess a five letter word in the grid.


Number of opportunities in Wordle

With the Wordle Daily Game, the player has only 6 chances per day to guess the Wordle word of the day.


Color code in Wordle!

When you start guessing, you’ll notice that some letters turn green, some turn yellow, and others turn gray. The blue color symbolizes that you put the right letter in the right place. Yellow means the letter in that box is definitely in the Wordle word of the day, but you didn’t type it in the right place. On the other hand, gray simply means that the letter you entered does not exist in the Wordle word of the day.

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This means that if you can’t guess the word on the first five tries, you have to figure it out on the sixth try. Don’t worry, thanks to the color indicators you will have some idea of ​​the possible letters in the word after five tries.

Is Wordle 742 giving you a hard time? Then you need our help. Jagran Josh offers cool tips to make your experience with Wordle easier.

Here are our fun Wordle tips for today, July 1st!

Wordle 742 tip 1:

Wordle words that start with a consonant.

Wordle 742 Tip 2:

Wordle words have either “M” or “L”.

Wordle 742 Tip 3:

The last letter is also a consonant.

Wordle 742 Tip 4:

Wordle today has a vowel that is repeated twice.

Wordle 742 Tip 5:

The vowel in the word is not ‘U’.

This is the most interesting part of us.

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Wordle 742 – Great clue!

The super clue for Wordle 742 for July 1, 203 is:

Wordle words rhyme with SLEEP.

Super clues must have made you crack Wordle for the day.

Still confused?

Scroll down for the answer!

What is Wordle’s answer today?

Wordle’s answer to Wordle 742, July 1, 2023 is


It was a fun day cracking Wordle. Can’t Wordle today? Don’t worry; there is always a next time!

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