Word Puzzle: Can you find 6 hidden words in 39 seconds?

Word puzzles: One of the most popular forms of online activity is word puzzles. It’s a fun way to spend your free time and a good game to test your intelligence and observation skills.

Word find puzzles involve finding words hidden in a grid of letters. Solving word puzzles can improve your observation and concentration skills.

The challenge below asks users to identify 6 words in 39 seconds.

Can you spot 6 hidden words in 39 seconds?

Try it now!

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Word Search Quiz – Find 6 words in 39 seconds

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The image above shows a grid of letters. There are 6 words hidden in the grid of letters and your challenge is to find 6 words in this grid of letters within 39 seconds.

It’s a great way to test your observation skills and intelligence.

The best way to solve this word find puzzle is to find hidden words by looking at the letters from top to bottom, side to side, up and down, forward and backward and diagonally.

This is an intermediate level challenge and those with good detection skills will be able to spot all 6 words in the limited time.

The way the letters in the grid are arranged makes it difficult to spot words at first glance.

How many words have you discovered so far?

Hurry up; time is running out.

If you don’t find all the words within the time limit, don’t worry; We will give solutions at the end.

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Also, do not skip to the bottom to see the previous answer, as this will not benefit you from this activity.

But if you can’t find all the words even after trying to do the challenge fairly, then you can check the solutions given at the end of the article.

I want to know what are all 6 words in the grid.

Scroll down to find out.

Find 6 words in 39 seconds – solution


The following six words were hidden in the word grid:

1. Grinning

2. Love

3. Dexterity

4. To enhance

5. Softness

6. Ceremony

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