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If you want to know what an animal’s life is like, you’d better be yourself. In the game Wolf: The Evolution, this would be very wise advice. Do you have questions about the lives of wolves and their packs? Then this is a game you must try. Wolf: The Evolution allows you to control the ecology of the wolves. That way, you will know how their life goes, from finding shelter, finding food, to building a pack of wolves. Dominate and master all the lands you inhabit. Defeat other species for sole dominion over distant lands.

You can see the similarities between city building and social development games. But this time, we are building a society not for humans but for wolves. It is a unique animal with many different branches. Your task is to collect species to create diversity. Then give them everything they need to make a living. Ordinary wolves are treated like humans here. The rest are warriors tasked with protecting their village from alien enemies. Guaranteed to be as engaging and thrilling as a rising human society.

Download mod Wolf: The Evolution – create your unique pack of wolves

You will learn about the society of different wolf species. By building their abode on the big map. This will make you think of a lot of city building games that have been released before. But what is certain is that Wolf: Evolution will be very different, because this is a society about wolves. Everything like the place to live, the food, the lifestyle and the fighting style will be very different. So it will be a really unique and fun experience. We also have to see how the wolves fight to protect their dens…

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Search for resources by completing quests. Find the right place to lead your pack of wolves through various adventures. Also, upgrade all the wolves in your village. In this way, you can create many of the elements needed to develop a town for wolves, although their living characteristics are completely different from humans. It’s still a hauntingly enjoyable experience.

Wolf The Evolution Mods Free

Create a useful wolf dimension

All will live together, so the essentials for their harmonious life must be met. You can create a variety of wolves from the spawn system. From there, develop species with specific functions to develop craft villages. As common as the alpha species, they are the prominent leaders of the town. Or Betas act as powerful bodyguards. Wolves are the real killers in battle, so make them a priority. Brilliantas don’t have any powers, but in return they have the ability to heal wounds. Very suitable for the long battlefield. Take the time to learn and take advantage of each of their abilities.

free wolf evolution mod apk

communicate with other villages

Wolf: The Evolution is an online game so players can connect with many people around the world. If you want to play perfectly, the first thing you need to do is make friends with other people. They also have their own wolf village. Having an extra companion will make the process of developing the village much easier. You can even borrow powerful warriors from your friends and join battle teams in certain levels. Friends are an important factor that makes you stronger. Do not miss the opportunity to make friends in the game to increase strength.

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wolf evolution mod apk

Create more powerful fighters

Even if you recruit a lot of wolf warriors, if you don’t improve your strength, you will be useless on the battlefield. An upgrade system allows you to upgrade wolves using materials found in battle. Each material represents a different species. If you have two wolves of the same type, you can merge them to create another stronger and higher level wolf. This wolf hybrid activity occurs almost continuously in the game. Players always hope they will be lucky to become a wolf warrior with solid stats. Will you also join and challenge yourself? Of course, this also depends on factors such as tactics.

free evolution wolf

Create your unique wolf village. Collect hundreds of wolf warriors for long battles. Wolf: The Evolution mod is an engaging strategy game with equal parts management and social building. Join us and surprise others with your creativity and tactics.

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