William And Zachary Zulock Were Charged With Child Abuse And Trafficking

On July 27, 2022, Atlanta couple William and Zachary Zulock were arrested in Oxford, an upscale neighborhood near Atlanta, Georgia, for allegedly abusing and trafficking their two adopted sons. The couple were charged with a series of abuse-related charges in August 2022. According to Fox News, both allegedly confirmed to police that they had been distributing illegal child abuse videos. However, they pleaded not guilty in court. If convicted on all counts, they could receive nine life sentences.

Atlanta, Georgia | Zachary Zulock and husband William Dale Zulock Jr. accused of raping their adopted son, and court documents also allege the men trafficked the boys to others. pic.twitter.com/pLirMkAkSi

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William and Zachary Zulock force their children to have illicit relations with older men.

According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the couple not only sexually abused their adopted son, but also documented a number of abuses, forcing them to have inappropriate interactions with adult men. other. The boys, siblings, were believed to be in third and fourth grade at the time of the attack. According to Antigua Newsroom, William and Zachary Zulock are well-off businessmen. While William Zulock (33) works for the government, Zachary Zulock (35 years old) works in the banking sector. According to the New York Post, they seem to be a typical couple in every way, with Zachary’s Instagram describing him as an “activist” and “father to our two amazing sons”.

The pair were arrested when the Walton County Sheriff’s Office received an allegation that someone in Oxford was illegally downloading child abuse films. While investigating the allegations, authorities discovered that the movie being downloaded was allegedly filmed by William and Zachary Zulock.

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A spokesperson for the Walton County Sheriff’s Office said in an official statement:

“One small team focused on going directly to the children to ensure their safety, while another team worked with the adults in the home to ensure the situation.”

The statement goes on to say:

“Evidence shows that both adult men – the adoptive parents of the siblings living in the residence – engaged in sexual abuse, and a video recording of the abuse was discovered during the practice. issue a search warrant.”

William and Zachary Zulock were charged with illegally making films and distributing them to many others. They allegedly sent the video to Hunter Clay Lawless, 27, and Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez, both of whom are accused of being part of a child abuse ring.

Zachary Zulock

Hunter Clay Lawless said that although he never actively assaulted the children, Zachary Zulock would encourage him to witness the abuse and also regularly provide pictures of himself. It is not known whether Hunter Clay Lawless and Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez were directly involved in the crime. Meauwww said Zulocks adopted the boys through a Christian organization for people with special needs. According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the district’s school district is critical in identifying child victims and cooperating with the investigation.

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