Why Thomas Gibson Was Fired From Criminal Minds

Actor Thomas Gibson fired after 12 seasons criminal psychologyFBI Agent Aaron Hotchner (Aaron Hotchner) in the series.this criminal psychologyThe cast of the FBI rotates frequently, with most actors choosing to leave the series permanently to pursue outside interests, but that is not the case for Thomas Gibson. Aaron Hotchner was not officially identified until the sixth episode of season 12. The character joined the witness protection program after his son was tracked down by a serial killer, and eventually chose to become the father stayed at Jack’s house rather than back home. BAU.

In 2016, Thomas Gibson was suspended criminal psychology Due to a physical conflict on set with one of the show’s screenwriters and producers. Following his suspension, Gibson released a public statement regretting the incident, explaining that the controversy was based on creative disagreements over an issue. criminal psychology He is directing an episode. When the cast and crew of “Criminal Minds” released an official statement about the suspension, it was pointed out that Gibson had previously had a conflict with an actor. criminal psychology” assistant director, he later entered mandatory anger management counseling (via duration). CBS announced the termination of the contract on August 12, 2016.

Why Thomas Gibson is really leaving Criminal Minds

Since continuing to play Agent Hotchner for the two weeks he was suspended from is still controversial, it makes sense that it took four episodes after Gibson’s last appearance to officially write the character. type The decision to fire Thomas Gibson is reported criminal psychology Concerns have been raised about his erratic behavior in the past, as many sources describe him as prone to irritability. After his debut, the actor either temporarily stayed away from the screen or struggled to find a role. criminal psychology During season 12, Gibson only appeared in 2 projects: TV series 2019 shadow wolf and voice acting criminal mind 2017 Movie by Actress Aisha Taylor axisrecorded before his contract ended.

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While Gibson’s firing may have been an attempt to protect the show’s culture and the studio’s responsibility for repeat incidents, Agent Hotchner has left. criminal psychology don’t ask creative questions criminal psychology.Hotchner’s exit coincides with another original creator’s exit criminal psychology Crew members leave the show, actor Derek Morgan Shema Moore leaves the series finale criminal psychology Season 11. Lose 2 of the previous 5 seasons criminal psychology A character appearing in such a short period of time can cause the ratings of the hit drama to drop, but it wasn’t until season 13 that the series dropped significantly.

Will Thomas Gibson return for Season 2 of Criminal Minds: Evolution?

Hotchner Looks Serious In 'Criminal Minds'

Now that he’s not killed, there’s no reason Agent Hotchner can’t be added back to the cast. criminal mind: evolution, Optimize + Restart. However, the chances of Thomas Gibson returning to play him are slim. With no real narrative reason to reintroduce even a Hotchner remake, it’s safe to say that Gibson’s legacy on the show is truly over. Gibson conflicts with the crew and other members criminal psychology The casting was a blow to the show and Gibson’s reputation.

Thomas Gibson was said to be emotionally unstable and even violent on set. He also hasn’t done any significant work since then, so the studio has no incentive to rebuild those burned bridges. Criminal Minds: Evolution Part two, even if reconciliation and settlement is possible.gibson leaves criminal psychology In 2016, while some of the cast and crew subsequently left the show, many remained and might not be ready to consider Hotchner’s return. because there is no real need criminal psychology Fans would love to see him back, and the possibility of Thomas Gibson being a former BAU member returning in the Paramount+ reboot is more or less non-existent.

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Part 16 Proves Criminal Minds Still Don’t Need Agent Hotchner

Criminal Mindset: Evolutionary Actors Tara, JJ, Rosie and Garcia

Criminal Minds: Evolution The play also succeeded without the help of Thomas Gibson. So far, the main actors Criminal Minds: Evolution See Garcia, JJ, Rossi, Prentiss, Dr. Tara Lewis and Alvez. Although some of these characters were added later criminal psychologyMost of the main cast returned for season 16, which proved to be a big comeback after all. Prentiss eventually took over from Hodge, and she did an excellent job with the BAU during her fight with Deputy Director Bailey. With the show renewed for another season, it’s clear that Thomas Gibson’s Agent Hodge won’t be remembered as much as Matthew Gray Gubler’s Spencer Reed.

Thomas Gibson on being fired from Criminal Minds

The criminal mind of Thomas Gibson.

after he was terminated criminal psychologyThomas Gibson tells his story. He explained that there was a line in the script that contradicted something that happened earlier in the episode. He said he contacted screenwriter and producer Virgil Williams and mentioned it, but was told it had to be in the script. According to Gibson (from everybody), he turned to the actor, and the producer “walked into that room and started walking towards me. As he passed me, my foot stepped up and touched his.” Gibson claimed that if William If he didn’t move, he would hit him.

Gibson said he said some “select words” to Williams afterwards and apologized for his comment the next day. However, Gibson said he went home after filming the scene and never returned because the studio put him on pause after that incident. “I feel like it takes years to build a good reputation and a minute to ruin it‘, Gibson concluded.

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