Why The Last of Us Didn’t Introduce Ellie’s Dad During Birth Scene

Here are the revelations for The Last of Us season 1 finale!

home theater the last survivor Creators Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin explain why the series didn’t feature Ellie’s father in the birth scene. The series finale opens with a tense scene, with Ellie’s mother Anna (Ashlee Johnson) hiding in an abandoned house to try to hide from an infected fugitive. Unfortunately, this creature broke in and attacked her. Ana kills the infected, but before she gets bitten, this results in Ellie’s immunity.

rant screen recently joined the last survivor During the press conference, Druckmann and Mazin discussed why Ellie’s father did not appear in the birth scene. Druckmann, who also created the original PlayStation video game based on the show, revealed that he initially discussed Ellie’s father wanting an abandoned game in the Ana-focused franchise. . As the series developed, however, both Druckman and Mazin found it more appealing to let Joel play a role for Ellie she never knew she needed. Read what the creators of the series had to say below:

Druckmann: I would say that when we talked to other game studios about the possibility of making an entire Anna game, there was one thing written for Mom and Dad that culminated in this scene – I wouldn’t say anything what about that Content, because I’ve now discovered over and over again that stories that I thought were failures and never saw the light of day do happen sometimes. So what I’m saying is, in our calculation of engineering, in the decisions we make, why do we choose what we choose or how we place it, what kind of iconography we choose? Ellie’s spear was not in our calculations, We never had a conversation.

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Mazin: Not directly, although in the description is a bit petty, it can even be mentioned in the script that when Marlene and Ellie come together to find Anna, with blood and the dead infected, Anna stabs her with a knife. her, she’s infected. We say it’s the most goddamn mother-daughter Pieta you’ll ever see. So you can certainly make a superficial connection there, but I was never really curious about Ellie’s father. In a way, for me, if Joel’s daughter exists and then he meets Ellie then it’s better to let someone else in when you close that door and keep it closed forever. But not Ellie, the door opened, the room was empty, and Joel walked in almost immediately. I love that, I love the idea that the room is empty and we don’t even know about it, it’s funny.

Will Ellie’s dad appear in The Last of Us Season 2?

the last survivor Season 1 ended on a controversial note. After learning that Ellie will have to sacrifice in exchange for the opportunity to create a cure to save the world, the audience will have many debates surrounding Joel’s actions. With Joel bringing Ellie back to Jackson, Wyoming, and living a relatively picturesque post-apocalyptic life, Ellie will grapple with what happened in Salt Lake City knowing full well that Joel didn’t tell her all the truth. Season 2 could see Joel and Ellie’s relationship fragile as she struggles with her love for her father.

As promised earlier by Druckmann and Mazin the last survivor Debuting season 1, the adaptation faithfully follows the game’s story. The creators also stated that any future installments will only exist within the stories already told. Our Last Part 2, a direct sequel to the original game. Since the game doesn’t reveal Ellie’s father, season 2 could also keep his identity a mystery.

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However, it turns out the last survivor Ellie’s mother is absent from the video game, but she does appear in a key scene in the adaptation. Although the video game’s victory story continued throughout season 1, the series also included some new characters and changes to the story. and the last survivor Season 2 could be over a year away and viewers will have to wait patiently to see if Ellie’s father is finally revealed.

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