Why sMothered Fans Think Sunhe’s Behavior Is Troubled

fan suffocation Worried that Sun He’s behavior will affect her daughter Angelica. Sun He and Angelica starred on the reality show TLC for four full seasons, and fans have gotten used to their unusual relationship. From how much they are involved in each other’s personal lives to living together and bathing together, the two have always shown how close they are. While they’re not the only actors with such a strong bond (Brittani and Mary also showered together), fans are increasingly concerned that Sunhe is ruining Angelica’s relationship with the actress. fiance Jason and that she can cause a lot of unhappiness for Angelica in the film. future. Throughout Season 4, her increasingly escalating behavior toward her daughter’s relationship has viewers concerned that Angelica’s life may be torn apart because of her mother.

Sun He has never been a die hard fan of Jason. From season one, she made it clear that she didn’t think Jason was the ideal choice for her daughter and took every opportunity to criticize his lifestyle and compatibility with Angelica. Over the past four seasons, Sun He has frequently crossed the line and interfered with Angelica and Jason’s relationship. This couple suffocation, is built on atypical relationships and histories, such as Cher Hubsher’s work history, but it’s different. She accompanied him in his divorce proceedings with his ex-wife, dated them, and moved into Jason’s house when Angelica moved in. Worryingly, however, Sun Hyuk continues to interfere in his daughter’s life. She gives Angelica an ultimatum to leave Jason, apparently because she doesn’t like him.

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Ha Sun crossed the line in her relationship with Angelica

The ultimatum is what fans are most concerned about, because Angelica insists she is happy with Jason and their daughter Amara. Her mother constantly intervenes in their argument, leaving the couple with no time to work things out on their own. Many people are like that suffocation Couples, such as Lauren and Laura Leigh, often quarrel over Lauren’s mother, but Angelica reluctantly admits when her mother causes trouble in her private life. Jason repeatedly asked Sun He to move out but she refused. Instead, she claims that her care for Amara justifies her stay in the house. Her interference in their lives exacerbated the tension between Jason and Angelica. The suggestion that she, Angelica, and Amara move out together is particularly disturbing because Angelica has stated that she wants Jason to be involved in his daughter’s life. Unfortunately, Ha Sun completely avoids acknowledging her daughter’s need in what fans consider meaningful. Redditor blandpotatoskins commented, “This mother-child relationship is toxic. She seems to be trying to manipulate and not care about her daughter [sic] feeling,“This seems to be the common wish of the fans, so Ton Anh can’t seem to let go of his daughter at all.

why shouldn’t jason leave

Jason and Angelica chatting on sMothered's couch

In the shocking final moments of “Prisoner in This House,” Angelica issues her mother’s ultimatum to Jason, forcing him to leave the house. She claimed he was “impoliteHer mother surprised viewers when she said that Ha Son also had a disrespectful attitude towards her. Fans were shocked to see Angelica kick him out of their home, with some Redditors even calling her “brainwashing“and a”robotJason did nothing wrong throughout Season 4, but Ha Sun constantly finds ways to criticize him. Fans felt that he shouldn’t have left the house because it was Ha Sun who was unhappy, not Angelica or Amara.

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Although the season has ended, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about Jason and Angelica’s relationship, and whether Ha Sun will go her own way. The mother-daughter duo may return in the new season suffocationAt that time, fans will have to speculate about whether Son Ha will affect her daughter’s personal life or not.

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