Why Heartstopper Season 1 Adds Two Characters Not From The Books

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Why did the first season of the Netflix adaptation of Heartstopper drop Aled and add Imogen and Isaac even though they weren’t in the original.

Warning: This post contains spoilers heart block Season 1.

Heartstopper Part 1 made some minor changes to the plot of the original comic – including the addition of two characters not featured in the books or comics. Netflix’s new adult gay show is based on Alice Oseman’s successful webcomic of the same name, where Which doctor? And firewood and torches Directed by Euros Lyn throughout heart block Season one. Generally speaking, heart block It is very faithful to the original content, sticking to the plot of the webtoon manga, however, some changes have been made to further strengthen the story to suit the Netflix adaptation.

heart block Follow British schoolboys Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) as they explore sexual orientation and develop a relationship with each other; with the help and support of close friends and teachers at Truham Boys’ Grammar School. Although the series was written and filmed very closely to the plot of the manga, those who have read the manga can recognize the subtle changes and nuances in the adaptation. One of the main differences in the Netflix adaptation is the absence and addition of some characters.

One of the most notable differences between the Netflix adaptation of the show and the comic series is the removal of Aled and the addition of Isaac (Tobie Donovan) and Imogen (Rhea Norwood). In the webtoon series, Aled is one of Charlie’s best friends. Alice Oseman once said Twitter Aled is not part of the series because it”will certainly involve key elements of the story about radio silence that must change‘, another Oseman story. However, in place of Aled is Isaac, the fourth member of Charlie’s best friends, seemingly for balance heart block Season 1 has been eliminated. Likewise, Imogen’s role in the Netflix adaptation adds drama to the plot, making the show slightly different from its illustrated predecessor.

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Heartstopper - Part 1 - Imogen

Isaac, Charlie Spring’s nerdy, introverted and quick-witted friend, surprises viewers with his quiet but profound and sharp remarks about the group. What makes Isaac such a great addition to friends and Netflix shows is that he balances out the characters and adds a new side of his personality that wouldn’t be possible without Isaac. Tao (William Gao) is the eccentric, more confident member of the group, while Elle (Yasmin Finney) is the calm friend who always gives the best advice. To balance the characters of Tao and Elle, adding someone on the other side of the spectrum who is also Charlie’s loyal and protective friend, Isaac is a perfect character and additional characters are needed.

Imogen, also a brand new character heart block Season 1, became a major conflict in Charlie and Nick’s relationship in the Netflix adaptation. Imogen is a very bold, assertive character, but can also be a bit insensitive at times, a personality trait that leads to Nick’s conflict. Imogen and Nick are good friends, but when Imogen develops serious feelings, Nick begins to feel uncomfortable and the more he questions his gender, the more it raises concerns about the relationship. by Charlie and Nick. In an interview with HELLO! magazine, Oseman said, “I came to Imogen because I wanted Nick to have a friend and he’s not one of those guys. We knew our story needed more drama and tension, and it was Imogen who brought that drama mid-season.‘. Though short, Imogen had an excellent character arc in season 1, understanding why Nick rejected her, accepting Nick for who he really is, and standing up for him when his friends he is against him. If heart block Commissioned for Season 2, Imogen is sure to be a great character to explore further.

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Add and remove characters in the first part heart block Not the only difference between a webtoon comic and a Netflix comic TV show, but they are probably the most important. Isaac and Imogen fit the story perfectly heart blockcreate conflict for the main characters while balancing the larger personalities, creating the perfect stability for the series and for potential character development heart block Season 2.

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