Why Grey’s Anatomy Could End With Season 20 & Why It Should

gray anatomy It could end in season 20, and maybe it should. The decision to end a series can be a difficult one, especially for a popular series like a medical drama, given careful consideration of its characters and storytelling potential. of the episode. But in this case gray anatomyConsidering how much the show has changed since it started, it’s become, in a way, a whole new story that needs to end.

gray anatomy It has aired for 19 seasons since its premiere in 2005, and its main focus is the aptly named Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo). Throughout the series, Meredith experiences career ups and downs, accolades and promotions, as well as personal challenges, including love, family reckoning, and pain. Pompeo even directed two episodes gray anatomyBut recently, Pompeo announced that she would be leaving midway through season 19, only to return for the season finale. gray anatomy Season 20 has yet to be announced, but it’s likely to happen, giving the show a chance to come to an end.

Grey’s Anatomy Should End After Ellen Pompeo Ends

past, both gray anatomy Creators Shonda Rhimes and Pompeo themselves have said that they expect the series to end when the actress leaves. Naturally, this makes sense, as the whole show is named after Meredith, and she’s the main point of view throughout the series. like this, gray anatomy Continuing in series form without Gray could create narrative dissonance for the show.

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will not only continue gray anatomy The lack of a main heroine would be confusing, but it could unsettle longtime viewers by losing one of Season 1’s remaining original characters. No Meredith, just Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) will remain affiliated gray anatomypilot season. This further underscores the departure of Pompeo suggesting that season 20 would be the right place to end the series.

Grey’s Anatomy wouldn’t be the same without the show’s heart

Meredith Gray-Christina Young-Anatomy

Even besides losing consistency with Meredith’s departure gray anatomyGray has long been at the center of the film, and the series would not have been possible without her. Jesse Williams, one of the main actors of the film, admits to the fact that he received into hollywood. “I don’t know, it’s going to be another show, she’s the center of that show, she’s Gray, so that’s unlikely,” (overcome digital espionage) Williams said that if gray anatomy Can proceed without Pompeo.

This is especially true when Gray has been a pivotal character for so many seasons. A generation of audiences have grown up watching gray anatomyExperience life with her through every conceivable story permutation. After a character has been through a lot in her life, ratings will likely drop without her, like any story. gray anatomy The risk of repeating what Meredith went through can be offset.

the anatomy of gray should end with a high note


But Pompeo’s departure doesn’t mean the final season wasn’t good for America gray anatomy General. Developing a sequel after Meredith’s departure gives the series a chance to end up at its best, avoiding the pitfalls many series have encountered before. ended with low ratings, like season 18 gray anatomyThe story could end this way because the writers and producers don’t know when the episodes will end, forcing them to leave the season ending open to future episodes.

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If given enough time to plan a strong farewell season instead, gray anatomy In the end, it probably knows enough about where it’s at to craft the finale in a style that’s befitting of the show’s tenure. Especially after many arduous years at Grey+Sloan Memorial Hospital, if season 20 does well, the torch will officially be passed on to the next generation. This will give the show time to reach its audience and characters, and fully celebrate everything the show and its heroes have achieved.

All the characters of Grey’s Anatomy deserve a deserved ending


With the arrival of the final season, gray anatomy It can and should give the rest of the characters a suitable ending. The show could use the final season to determine the new intern’s trajectory for season 19, while also ending the legacy of the old guard. In particular, this will bring gray anatomy An opportunity to subtly build Dr Bailey and Dr Webber’s long-term satisfaction at the hospital as they continue to facilitate the advancement of interns. In addition, it can continue to draw comparisons between old and new interns, creating a comfortable continuum to represent the difficulties, successes, and lessons that the audience and actors have learned. members found there will persist even after the program ends.

Also, season 20 may offer a unique opportunity gray anatomy It’s a gathering of characters who are still alive but gone. For example, the show could bring back Meredith and her “people”. gray anatomyCristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) look back on what they’ve accomplished. This will reiterate how each of them will go into the future and what they have achieved from their time at Gray + Sloan Memorial Hospital. This is not only a fitting character ending but also allows gray anatomy End with an extremely important message of loyalty, compassion, and devotion. This would limit the meaning of gray anatomy Hopefully the audience will absorb after nearly 20 years of watching the film.

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gray anatomy Return to Thursday, February 23 at 9 p.m. ET abc.

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