Why David Really Wanted To Keep Ellie Alive In The Last Of Us Episode 8

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The Last of Us Episode 8 introduced David, who insisted on keeping Ellie alive. Why did David bring Joel to justice?

warning! This article contains spoilers for Episode 8 of The Last of Us.

The following articles contain discussions of sexual violence.

the last survivor Episode 8’s main antagonist, David, is somewhat inconsistent in wanting to bring Joel to justice, but keeps Ellie alive for very dark reasons. The episode was broadcast live after the event the last survivor Episode 7, Ellie desperately tries to save Joel’s life after he gets injured the last survivor The suspenseful ending of episode 6. This leads Allie to meet David (Scott Shepherd), the leader of a nearby community, who offers to trade some potions for a deer she’s hunted.

At first, David seemed benevolent. From his equitable treatment of the community, his efforts to support those who depend on him, and his permissive willingness to provide Allie with valuable resources like penicillin, David’s introduction has friendly look. However, after David revealed that Joel and Ellie’s attackers were the last survivor Episode 6 ends with him being part of a team that vows to bring Pedro Pascal’s Joel to justice. However, he insisted – even desperately – about keeping Ellie alive during the process the last survivor Episode 8 for secret horror reasons.

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David conceals his true intentions by connecting with Ellie in The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part 1 Episode 8 David played by Scott Sheppard

near end the last survivor In episode 8, David has a conversation with Ellie in which he seemingly reveals what kept her alive. At first, David said that he wanted Ellie to be part of his community because he could relate to her. David insists he can see himself in her as both he and Bella Ramsay’s Ellie have “Violent Heart”.

Not long after, David said he just needed a friend. He mentioned that because he was the only leader of a community that respected him, he needed someone he could value equally. David insists that Ellie is that person and that they can do great things together if they both run the community together.

Tran looks sad as Captain Kwong of FEDRA in The Last of Us Episode 7

The fact that David says he sees Ellie as a co-leader actually has nothing to do with the last survivor Flashback from episode seven. Much of the episode focuses on Ellie reminiscing about her time at the FEDRA school, before she and Riley take a trip to an abandoned shopping mall where she discovers her immunity to worm fungus. butterfly. the last survivor During the flashback in episode 7, David’s comments link to a similar conversation Ellie had with Captain FedRA Kwong, played by Terry Chen.

In the flashback, Kwong said Ellie had two choices for her future. Either she can continue on her path and become an employee of FEDRA on orders from her superiors, or she can reach her full potential as a captain. Kwong asserts that Ellie has the qualities of a leader and could be an important figure in the ranks of the FedRA. This is related to David’s comment that David is covering up his true intentions by saying that he sees Ellie as a potential leader fighting by his side.

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David’s dark intentions become clear at the end of The Last of Us Episode 8

David and Ellie from The Last of Us Episode 8 in HBO's The Last of Us character poster

However, despite all the hints that David just wanted equality, the last survivor Episode 8 clarifies his truly unsettling intentions at the end of the episode. In the aforementioned conversation, David implied that he was not what he seemed. our last Cordyceps, illustration “it looks like” And protecting its future through violence by admitting he has a violent heart and inappropriately touching Ellie’s hand, David’s friendly appearance begins to crack.

It’s clear that David has a crush on Ellie in a more unsettling way, with his comment below: “Or are you just that special?” or “You don’t know how good I am. You don’t know what I can give you if you let me.” These comments continued David said “I’ve decided that you really need a father, so I’ll keep you. I’ll teach you.” His dark, terrible intentions towards Ellie were clearly alluded to, and why he was so determined to keep her alive.

end the last survivor Episode 8 confirms original content the last survivor The game hints at and just complicates this, showing David his true colors as the episode heavily hints at him attempting to sexually assault Ellie. His final words to Ellie reinforce this, “The battle is my favorite part.” Before Ellie kills him with her own butcher knife. The scenes are incredibly tragic and hard to watch. Although the original game hinted at David’s dark intentions, it never seems to be the last survivor Episode 8 introduces David’s need to keep Ellie alive.

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