Why Daredevil In The MCU Is A Great Sign For Agents Of SHIELD

Director and author of the documentary series Iconic excavation: Marvel have hope The leader’s minions Join the MCU thanks to the recent (reintroduced) Daredevil. Recording the Marvel Comics and Marvel Universe from the founding of the company until the release of the first volume ant Man Movie, Iconic excavation: MarvelA behind-the-scenes look at what modern cinema’s greatest phenomenon has become. an important factor, according to Iconic excavation: Marvel Brian Volk-Weiss, director, is a company that is willing to take risks and do what needs to be done on behalf of its characters.

According to Volk-Weiss, a good example of this is the way Marvel has treated the characters of their Netflix series in recent years. As many Marvel viewers know, Netflix’s Marvel show featured Daredevil and the beloved The Defenders, only to be dropped from the MCU and ultimately shelved. The leader’s minions The story is a bit different, as the series ran for seven seasons on ABC before reaching a worthy conclusion. Despite this, the show was originally supposed to be part of the MCU, but was later revealed to be its own entity. rant screen When asked if people involved in Marvel’s Netflix and ABC projects feel uncomfortable being left out of the MCU for so long, Volk-Weiss said the following:

No one has ever said this to me, but reading between the lines, I don’t believe that Agents of SHIELD has been abandoned forever. And I believe they’re actively working on it, and you can see that in She-Hulk, one of the best movies Marvel has ever produced. They started bringing Netflix-era characters into the MCU. Again, no one did. You’re crazy.

They are not satisfied with the agreement they reached with Netflix. Usually, when a company and an executive are not happy with an agreement, they don’t try to copy it and move on. It’s crazy for them to accept something they don’t like, but they always do the right thing. I don’t work for Marvel; I’m not really wearing a Marvel t-shirt right now. But I really don’t think they get enough credit for what they did and what they did, even though they succeeded.

How Agents of SHIELD fits into the next phase of the MCU

Thanks to the advent of Variant and Multiverse, now is the perfect time to fold actors and characters The leader’s minions Return to the MCU.Chloe Bennet is rumored to return as Quake in a future MCU project, but the entire cast is The leader’s minions Be loved and will certainly be greeted with an equally warm welcome. Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson Iron Man movies, and his comeback after his death in 2012 The Avengers Could be the reason for the celebration.

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funniest thing The leader’s minions Adding actors to the MCU could be a matter of how the series’ events are handled. It’s been an ongoing conversation about Daredevil, The Punisher, and The Kingpin, as many vocal advocates hope the MCU versions of these beloved characters will continue where the Netflix series have been. stop. This couple The leader’s minionsConsidered by some to be Marvel’s best TV show, it has an incredible range and takes characters on dizzying journeys through time and space. In many ways, this is The leader’s minions Actors join the MCU as new variations in entirely new forms, while still bringing the same charisma to their performances. The leader’s minions What an interesting series. Of course, when and if that happens remains to be seen.

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