Why Baldur’s Gate 3 Isn’t Coming To Xbox (Yet)

Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming to several platforms, but Xbox is suspiciously not on the list. Here’s why, and whether it will happen in the future.

Baldur Gate 3 It’s expected to launch on multiple platforms this summer, however, the Xbox console doesn’t appear to be on the announcement, leaving many wondering why. Currently, the game is in Early Access on PC and will be fully released simultaneously on PC, Mac, GeForce Now, and PS5 on August 31 of this year. This leads some to believe that Sony paid for console exclusivity, however, according to Larian Studios, there are no exclusivity to the game.

this DND– themed video games, Baldur Gate 3, is an open world role-playing game set in the familiar kingdom Forgotten Realms. The game advertises that while it can be played alone, it is capable of multiplayer access, including online play or split-screen co-op. While this is a cool option that makes the game more enjoyable for many friends and family, it can be the cause of Xbox crashes.

Technical issues with split screen are affecting Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox

Baldurs Gate 3 Oversized Skeleton, Playable Character Look Up

based on Baldur Gate 3The developers of Larian Studios, they have been developing the Xbox version of the game for a long time. Unfortunately, they ran into the same technical issues as getting split-screen co-op to work on Xbox Series X and S. The multiplayer option was a big ask for the game, so the game won’t launch without it. No announcement for Xbox version until they figure out a fix Baldur Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has no proprietary platform

Baldur's Gate 3 knight figures with incredible shiny armor.

The recent PlayStation State of Play rollout included a new trailer Baldur Gate 3 Including the August 31 release date, this has sparked many rumors about PlayStation exclusivity rights to the console. Larian Studios was quick to release a statement correcting those assumptions.

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Following yesterday’s PS5 and release date announcements, we’ve now made it clear that we plan to release Baldur’s Gate 3 for PC, Mac, GeForce NOW, and PS5. That said, we have no monopoly on which platforms we can bring BG3 to or when and will announce support for additional platforms when we’re ready. – Larian Film Studio

They then went on to say that they wanted to make sure that each version of the game was of high enough quality to meet their standards and expectations.

Unfortunately, the Xbox version of Baldur Gate 3 It has yet to be announced, although the announcement suggests that hopefully the game will be out soon. Once the development team is able to overcome the barrier of split-screen multiplayer, it is likely that many avid Xbox players will be able to join their friends in Forgotten Realms. This news is also a testament to Larian Studios’ focus on quality, as the act of blocking the Xbox version instead of releasing it early and planning for future patches could cost them some revenue. which they were able to get after the release was hyped. it can mean other details Baldur Gate 3 It will also be designed to a high standard.

Source: PushSquare, Larian Studios/YouTube

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