Why Alexa Lemieux’s Brother Aden Should Be On Love Is Blind Season 4

Some fans think Alexa Lemieux’s brother Aden Alfia should show up Love is blind Part 4. Alexa gets noticed for the first time Love is blind In Season 3, the insurance company boss meets and falls in love with water treatment engineer Brennon Lemieux. They married at the end of the season and are still strong to this day. The couple reappeared in Love is blind Part 3 Special behind the altarwhere they give fans an update on their status a year after the season finale.

Alexa and Brennon are one of the few successful couples Love is blind Season 3. Not only did the couple look great together, but they were also one of the few couples that didn’t have any drama on the show. Although some fans worried when Alexa suggested Brennon sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage, Brennon agreed to the terms, much to Alexa’s satisfaction. Although Alexa and Brennon have cultural differences on the show, the two are able to communicate and continue to build their marriage. But now is the new season Love is blind In the works, fans believe Alexa’s brother Aden will be a great player after seeing him behind the altar special.

Love Is Blind fans find Alexa Lemieux’s family fascinating

A Reddit thread started by u/Affectionate-Bed122 confirms fans want Alexa’s brother Aden to appear Love is blind Part 4. One user shared a photo of Aden on TV with the caption: “Is it just me or is he hot?” Several people in the thread got together to discuss his looks. “It’s hot… literally searched his name on Reddit‘ said one fan.Someone is searching IG,wrote otherwise. Other users continued the topic by mentioning how attractive other members of the Alexa family were.”I mean, have you met Alexa’s dad?” one said Love is blind fan. “hot family“Alexa’s family looks amazing, it’s no surprise that fans want to see more of Aden. Although fans don’t know his current relationship status, they definitely want to see see him on the show. Love is blind Season 4.

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Love Is Blind star Alexa Lemieux’s family is rich

Alexa Lemieux’s family wealth came to light after she advised Brennon to sign a prenuptial agreement Love is blind. He even joked that she “obviously more moneyMore than he does on the show. After learning about Brennon’s career status, Alexa’s father, Adam Alfia, made it clear that he was not excited about the engagement. Adam’s take on Brennon’s career made him unpopular with fans of the show. However, that doesn’t stop Alexa’s family from talking about how gorgeous he looks. With all of Alexa’s family talk, it’s no surprise that fans love seeing her brother Aden Love is blind Part 4. If that happens, hopefully his sister will be happy to offer some tips for finding love in the guise.

Although Vanessa Luckey confirmed Love is blind Seasons 4 and 5 have been filmed and fans can’t help but wonder when Alexa’s brother will appear again. Alexa doesn’t share many photos of her family on Instagram. Unfortunately for fans, they’ll have to re-watch the season to get a glimpse of the Alphaia family. According to the caption Alexa posted on Instagram of a photo of Brennon and her dad, she knows her family is in the spotlight for her presence on the show. “give people what they want… two zaddies‘ Alexa joked.You guys stay appropriate in these comments. “While it’s unknown if Aden (or his family) will ever become a reality TV star, his good looks may make fans re-watch. Love is blind Season 3.

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Source: Alexa Lemieux/Instagram, u/Affectionate-Bed122/Reddit

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