Why Aang’s Life Was So Short In Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the world Avatar: The Last AirbenderAvatars generally lived much longer than normal characters, but Aang’s adult lifespan was much shorter than expected. Avatar: The Last Airbender Follow Aang and his friends as they race to master all four elements before the evil Fire Lord Ozai attempts to take over the world on the summer solstice. Even though Aang was only 12 years old at that time Avatar: The Last AirbenderHis powers as an Avatar are astounding and those powers will continue to build throughout his adult life.

exist The legend of korra, it was revealed that despite his immense strength, Aang died of natural causes in the early 60’s, which seems quite young compared to many of his non-Avatar normal colleagues. He’s still alive in Korra’s story. Katara, Zuko and Toph all outlived Aang and were very healthy in their later years. In fact, the three of them were still powerful benders and still a significant threat in combat. Aang’s life seems unusually short in comparison, especially considering his avatar status.

Avatar: The Airbender’s Aang has finally spent a century in an iceberg

If Aang really had a chance to live like most avatars, he would probably live longer. As it happens, during the 100 years that he and his Father were frozen in an iceberg, Aang may have used more than just the power of his Avatar state to survive in the ice. Technically, Aang is 112 Avatar: The Last Airbender, when Avatar Aang died and passed the role to Korra, he was about 168 years old. Although Aang’s body is still young, his life force will become strained towards the end of his life.

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This theory best explains Aang’s short lifespan, the only problem being how the ambiguity of time in the ice affects Appa’s lifespan. However, since there are no other flying bison to compare his age, it is impossible to guess whether Aang will live 100 years after the iceberg. At the same time, Appa had a spiritual connection with Aang, his spiritual guide, which is probably why Appa was preserved during that time.

What is the normal lifespan of an avatar in The Last Airbender?

Kyoko's dark head

while adventuring in aang Avatar: The Last Airbender, the only avatars detailed as Roku and Kyoshi are the avatars before Aang in the loop. Roku died at the hands of Firelord Sozin at the age of 70, while Kyoshi lived to be over 200 years old. Based on these alone, it is difficult to predict Aang’s true lifespan. Later comics show that avatars can usually live for about 150 years without external forces such as war acting on them.

In the end, Aang’s short life led to several original characters appearing in The legend of korrabecause her time as an Avatar didn’t begin until after his death. Aang’s adult life is unusually short, and it may have been a creative decision to keep Cora out. Avatar: The Last Airbender figure. Whatever the real reason, Aang’s short life could easily be explained by looking at the centuries of hard work his body endured in the iceberg.

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