Who Killed Robert Wone? trailer attempts to find the murderer in a puzzling case

In the trailer for Peacock’s Who Killed Robert Wone?, one of the investigators attempts to solve the titular question. He says, “When I die, the first question I’m gonna ask God [is], ‘Who killed Robert Wone?’”

On August 2, 2006, Wone was stabbed to death in a Washington, D.C., home owned by his friends Victor Zaborsky, Joe Price, and Dylan Ward. Zaborsky called 911 to alert the authorities that Wone was stabbed to death in the guestroom of his house. The three men told the police that an intruder killed Wone.

As one of the interview subjects says in the trailer, “This case has more questions than answers,” which is a common theme in most true crime docuseries. As the authorities investigate the scene, it becomes clear that Wone’s death is not an open-and-shut case. From needle marks on his neck to no evidence of a struggle, finding the person who murdered Wone becomes quite challenging. Are the roommates telling the truth, or did they cover up a murder? Through interviews with investigators and those who knew Wone, the docuseries seeks to discover the truth 16 years after the crime.

Who Killed Robert Wone? | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

“The case of Robert Wone is a story that most crime fans may have never heard of, but once they do, they won’t stop talking about it,” said Stephanie Steele, senior vice president, Unscripted Current Production, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “Through interviews with those closest to the case and friends of Robert’s who knew him well, Who Killed Robert Wone? looks to give the Peacock audience insight into one of the most mysterious murder cases of the 2000s and explore the bizarre events of what happened on that fateful night.” 

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The two-part documentary series is directed by Jared P. Scott (Requiem for the American Dream). Scott will executive produce along with Eric Wetherington (Snapped), Patrick Reardon(Payback), and Paul Epstein (Into the Wild Frontier). Jupiter Entertainment will produce.

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Who Killed Robert Wone? is streaming on March 7 on Peacock.

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