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Who is William Ma?: – February 25, 2023 Kelly Mi Li and William Ma attended her baby shower. The couple made their first public appearance as a married couple at the event, which was attended by some 40 people, most of whom were celebrities.

The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills served as the venue for the ceremony, and it was all in pink. Visitors were given champagne. Additionally, there was a photo wall with pink, peach, and white balloon clusters for visitors to take photos of.

Who is William Ma?

In the San Francisco Police Department, William Ma was a police detective. In 2018 he joined the department. Ma speaks multiple languages ​​and was raised in Chinatown. It is said that he understands Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

His appeal also drew the public, who often swooned over him. He has already become a famous internet personality and is often seen taking photos with various people.

Last September, he was transferred to SFPD headquarters as an investigator in the Community Engagement Division. He stated that the city’s Chinatown appealed to him in a special way.

William Ma

Who is Kelly Mi Li?

Kelly Mi is a fan favorite on the popular reality show for her business acumen and ability to deftly avoid the turmoil that often surrounds her co-stars Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim.

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And while she’s had a number of wild Bling Empire storylines, including her red-flag relationship with ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray, her real life is even more fascinating, including her previous marriage and self-made millionaire status.

We’re also super into her new boyfriend/new dad after Kelly shared the happy news of her impending arrival on Instagram back in November.

Wife of William MaWife of William Ma


In addition to patrolling, he participated in numerous police activities. He previously explained that building relationships in the community is best for a police department because those relationships ultimately pay off for the department itself.

The beginning of their relationship has not been officially confirmed, but according to Lifestyle Asia, Kelly Mi Li hinted that she is courting someone in the third season of Bling Empire, which premieres in 2022.

William Mao's careerWilliam Mao’s career

be dad

Kelly Mi Li announced that she is pregnant in November 2022. She has not said much about the father of the child in the news. In an interview with PEOPLE, Kelly Mi Li stated, “I never expected things to happen so fast. William and I had been planning to have children for a long time and I bought a pair of Clearblue ovulation tests.”



Q.1 Who is William Ma’s wife?

Answer Kelly Mi Li is the wife of William Ma.

Q.2 What is William Ma’s net worth?

Answer Not available.

Q.3 Does William Ma have children?

answer that

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