Who Is Tyler Walker From “Below Deck” Season 10?

Tyler Walker, the new stew from the deck, will be introduced in Season 10 of Under the Deck. Camille Lamb, who has just been fired, will be replaced by him. Camille was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn in the previous episode for being inactive as a team. Furthermore, the captain fired her for her ugly actions and behavior. Sandy will inform the crew in episode 10 of season 10 Below Deck that a new stew from the deck, St. Davis.

Stew chef Fraser Olender was pleased with the rookie, as he said in the confessional:

“Thanks God!” I really need another stew. I’m familiar with a few of the boats he’s worked on, and Tyler clearly has more experience than the two girls combined, which gives me confidence. “I feel optimistic.”

Tyler arrives on the yacht by motorboat in a short video for the next episode.

All about Tyler Walker

Tyler Walker’s official bio is yet to be released on Bravo. According to sources, he is a 24-year-old manager with experience working on ships. Judging by the new member’s posts on Instagram, he is a nature lover who loves surfing, partying and boating. He is from Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, according to his LinkedIn page. While his job title was “motor yacht manager”, he chose the “open to work” option for “butler and estate management jobs”. According to the tagged Instagram photo of the bunker deck, he received his butler training at SABA – The International Butler Academy in South Africa. His previous experiences at LinkedIn did not include St. Davis from Below Deck, but mentioned other motorboats such as the Formosa and Rahil.

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According to his biography, which can be seen on Below Deck, he worked as a third stewer, second casserole and even head of the family. His sailing career has taken him to areas like Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Mexico, the United States, and Canada. In a sneak peek of episode 10, Captain Sandy calls Chief Stewardess Fraser Olender and Boss Ross McHarg into her cabin and tells them Tyler has been appointed Deck Manager. While the team leaders were pleased with Tyler’s resume, Sandy advised the two of them to discuss the new hire’s duties and avoid hiring him in the laundry room.

The in-house crew, including chefs Alissa Humber and Hayley De Sola Pinto, are delighted with the new stew from the deck. They’re praying and hoping that Tyler won’t look like Camille in the ad.

Why was Camille Lamb shot from the Under Deck?

From the opening episode of Season 10 Below Deck, Camille Lamb’s handcrafted stew shows a lack of respect for her co-workers, especially Alyssa Humber. Until this week’s show, the two often argued fiercely.

Tyler Walker

Camille’s effort failed not only Alissa but also Executive Chef Fraser and Chef Rachel Hargrove. When Captain Sandy joined the team while Captain Lee Rosbach was on sick leave, she saw Camille’s unethical behavior towards her teammates. In episode 9, Captain Sandy decided to liquidate Camille after many talks and warnings. Stew from the deck did not leave the ship peacefully, insulting the captain, Fraser, Ross and chef Rachel.

Meanwhile, she’s been replaced by Taylor Walker, a new deck sailor who will join the crew on Below Deck Season 10, Episode 10. The next episode will air on Bravo Monday, the 30th. January 2023 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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