Who Is Shelby Sevierr? Meet Steve Sevierr Wife! Age, Job

Shelby Sevierr, a mother of three, took to TikTok and shared something about her marriage. However, it did not turn out as she expected. Learn more about her. This article is about her age, job, and her husband.

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Meet Shelby Sevierr, wife of Steve Sevierr

Shelby Sevierr is a TikTok mom who went viral after sharing inconsistent information about her marriage. She is married to her husband Steve Sevier and has three children. The married couple had a queen for their wedding. zola.com. However, it appears that it has also been removed at this point.

But that’s not the whole story of why it went viral on TikTok.

Shelby Sevierr revealed the story of her daughter, the mother of her daughter, Brooke, and her husband on the now-deleted TikTok. Image slideshows were used to tell the story. Lucky for us, someone thought to record it. The first image on the slide is captioned: “That’s my daughter in that sweet tummy, but this isn’t me.”

As the story on the images is added, the photos continue: “This is Brooke, she is the mother of our daughter… She and Steve were married for 4 years before she died giving birth… This is our daughter, Savannah… This is me, I met her for the first time… We hung out all the time while dad was working… He learned to be the best father while grieving his wife… We fell in love pretty quickly despite all that It was happening around us… I couldn’t I think of nothing but them… I picked up the bouquet at my best friend’s wedding… and we became a family…”

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The following images show Shelby and Steve getting married and having children. It all seems cool and common, but it’s the chronology that raises the flags. Savannah was only about six weeks old when Shelby met her daughter in the photo. Shelby entered her life just six weeks after Brooke left, according to this. The commenters are obviously thinking the same thing.

Several TikTok users pointed out the inconsistency in the story, and another user @cvlprit read the comments.

Shelby’s now-deleted Instagram was discovered by TikToker @cvlprit after a little detective work. Savannah was cared for by Shelby, who was also a doula, when she was just six weeks old. According to reports, Shelby and her husband have a significant age difference. When they met, she was only 19 years old and he was in his thirties. When @ilovejuudy recorded Shelby’s response stating that she met her now-husband at a baby shower for him and her late wife’s son, she revealed the truth.

Shelby’s husband, Steve Sevierr, is currently 37 years old and was born in September 1985. He currently works as a Loan Officer in Financial Services, Banking since January 2023 in Mesa, Arizona. He graduated from San Diego State University in 2014.

According to Brooke search a grave, married for 5 years, who later died during childbirth due to a rare complication. But her mother was born Savannah. AND GoFundMe she also began supporting Savannah, who successfully raised $53,214 of her $50,000 goal.

Brooke was born on December 5, 1985 and died on September 15, 2016 at the age of 30.

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Shelby Sevierr Age

Supposedly born in 1997, Shelby Sevierr is currently 25 years old.

What is Shelby Sevierr’s maiden name?

Shelby Sevierr’s maiden name is Shelby N Messenger.

Is Shelby Sevierr on Instagram?

Yes, Shelby Sevierr is on Instagram (@shelbysevierr). However, she deleted her account.

Shelby Sevier’s Business

Shelby Sevierr is the founder of Modern Mama Care Co. LLC. She founded the LLC on February 17, 2021, according to OpenCorporate. In the About section of the company’s website, he writes: “I consider myself an open, loving, tolerant and pleasant person. Those who know me would tell you that I am empathetic and generous. I have a passion for supporting new mothers during labor and after delivery that is deeply rooted in my soul.”

She adds: “I’ve been a birth doula since 2020, after I myself became the birth mother of a young child who didn’t come into this world easily. I’m a big believer in childbirth education, preparation and learning to cope. childbirth. “. My calling is to meet, connect, and educate different types of people as they transition into parenthood. I feel privileged to share my experience and knowledge with you and earn your trust when you invite me into your sacred space of birth and beyond.”

Shelby says she loves working with parents and newborns in their homes and creating space for physical, mental, and emotional recovery. She can help with basic breastfeeding latch-on, positioning, and supply. Or call an IBCLC to help with other breastfeeding difficulties and refer to any other postpartum care professional she thinks might be of benefit to the family.

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In addition, offers overnight support to help new parents catch up on rest, baby-wearing education, light in-home care or meal preparation, and sibling care for older children at the home.

Shelby charges $1,000 for a labor and delivery package, while $40 an hour for daily postpartum support. Although she also created the social networks for her business (IG), the site no longer exists.

  • Where is Shelby Sevier from?

Shelby Sevierr was born and raised in San Diego, California. According to her IG bio of her, she seems to live in Arizona.

  • When is Shelby Sevierr’s birthday?

Shelby Sevierr’s birthday is not available.

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