Who Is Scottish Francis From “Snack Vs. Chef”?

snacks vs. Chef 2022, Netflix’s newest culinary reality TV series, aired eight watch-worthy episodes on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. The show is presented by comedians Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabola, features outstanding chefs from all walks of life, who use diverse cuisines to prepare delicious dishes while recreating several classics until one of them win the grand prize of $50,000.

Scottish chef Francis is one of 12 outstanding participants of the show, who have created amazing dishes that mimic famous delicacies. Despite winning the first round, he was eliminated from the final in the next round. The chef was previously featured in the 5th season of MasterChef, where he finished in 11th place. Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef, calls it “the king of donuts”.

The official Netflix synopsis for Snack Vs. Chefs are as follows:

“This new culinary tournament, hosted by comedians Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu, pits 12 chefs against each other in the ultimate snack battle. They will be challenged to not only copy some of the world’s most famous snacks, but also design their own unique dishes inspired by famous classics. Only one person will win the $50,000 prize.

Scottish Francis, Fast Food vs. Chef Candidate was eliminated in the final round.

All 12 chefs gathered in the first episode of the Snack vs. The Chefs fought each other in the final snack match until one of them won the challenge and took home the big cash prize. The chefs come from experienced backgrounds and are ready to put their culinary talents to the test. In the first four episodes, three chefs competed against each other for a bite until one of them secured a spot in the Top 5. The automaton, like the three contenders for each show, picks one. morsel of food. Francis of Scotland, Sandy Dee Hall and Ali Manning were among three chefs selected to participate in the season premiere.

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Hot Cheetos were the snack of choice in the first episode of Snack Vs. chef. In the first round, participants had one hour to recreate Cheetos by adding their own flavors. Chef Francis didn’t want to be cast for the same, but he was the first of three participants to be chosen for the episode. On the other hand, Francis calmly accepted and promised to show everyone that “his kindness is king”. In the first round, the three contestants had to recreate the Cheetos by manufacturing from scratch both the body and the dough. The chef made cheetos using polenta (finely ground cornmeal simmered in brine) and cayenne pepper for flavor.

Francis told the audience watching Snack vs. Chef that he was born in London to a Welsh mother and a Scottish family, which makes him feel like he represents the whole of England. In addition to being known as the King of Donuts, he is also known by the nicknames “Banksy of Bakers”, “Shortbread Plate” and hopes to be known as the “King of Snacks” at the end of the competition.

The judges said that the contestant chef’s first dish was Snack vs. Too hot, similar to the Cheetos he had to make again, and the dough was soggy and not crispy so it didn’t hit the mark. On the other hand, the dough on Francis’ Cheetos has “a rich and pungent umami taste,” like a hot Cheeto, according to the experts. The last two remaining contestants did not reach their full potential, and Francis won the first round. In the second round, the chefs had to come up with their own version of the snack inspired by one of the elements they used in the round of cheetos. They must also be careful not to leave any residue on their fingers after eating the snack.

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Francis of Scotland

For round two, Francis combined his donut-making skills with his cheetah dough ingredients to create “Scorcheez,” a donut-based snack. The judges praised it for its spiciness and umami taste, and described the snack as a “wonderful mess”.

However, by the end of the episode, Francis lost his ticket to the final round because the judges chose Sandy’s dish over two rounds. Throughout the season, the snack-versus-chef contestants recreated many popular dishes, including Oreos, Kit-Kats, Lays, Pringles, and more. The contestants created creative and delicious dishes. , impressed the judges and the audience. snack vs Episodes of Chef is now available on Netflix.

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