Who Is Nurse Amy Loughren? Her Bio, Family, Married, Now

Amy Loughren was devastated when she learned that her most trusted colleague, Charles Cullen, was believed to have killed over 400 people. So, like the “good nurse” that she is, Amy risked her life and livelihood to bring justice to the victims by working anonymously with the police.

This short biography explores his life.

Meet Amy Loughren, Star of Netflix’s The Good Nurse

Amy Loughren is the subject of a Netflix drama called The Good Nurse. She is played by Jessica Chastain, and the story focuses more on Amy than the killer.

It was in 2003 when the police first contacted Amy about Charles Cullen. She was told that her close friend was a serial killer who was believed to have killed many patients by poisoning them with lethal doses of drugs. The news apparently came as a shock to the nurse, who was so close to Cullen that he helped her hide her heart condition from her employers.

The nurse then continued reading the evidence. Finding it “sinister”, she agreed to help the police. She was charged and eventually got the killer to confess.

Three years later, Charles is finally convinced that he killed 29 people in 9 hospitals. But the actual number of people he killed is believed to be around 400, making him the most prolific serial killer in US history.

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Fast forward to early 2020, Amy agreed to film her life story despite trepidation. “I realized that it would give me a platform to explain myself and give a voice to others who loved dark people or loved people with serious mental illnesses that led to dark acts,” she explained to why she agreed.

After that, he worked closely with his actors; especially Ed. Amy remembered telling him her description of her killer as he wrote down each word and put it into her ability.

Now Amy is off the hook. In fact, she’s grateful for what she had in that friendship with the killer because she saved his life. “I am still here with my daughters thanks to him. Divine intervention was involved,” she added.

The last time Amy saw her old friend was when she found out he worked for the New Jersey State Attorney’s Office.

Where is Amy Loughren now?

Amy Loughren now lives in New York.

After Charles was incarcerated, she continued to work as a nurse and added other titles to her extensive resume. She is also an Integrative Energy Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Crystal Reader and now Intuitive Medicine.

Additionally, Amy makes a living as a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, DreamSculptor Practitioner, and Reconnective Healer with over 30 years of experience.

In addition to work, she was also open to giving interviews and talking about mental health.

Amy Loughren Age

Amy Loughren was born in May 1965. So in 2022 she turned 57 years old.

She is 5 years younger than Carlos.

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Amy Loughren’s Family

Amy Loughren is close to her family; especially her mother, Cheryl Rivenburg Bauder.

His mother, Cheryl, is now (2022) 75 years old, retired, and lives in Port Orange, Florida.

When we last saw the mother-daughter duo, the two were at a UFO conference in Arizona. There they not only saw but also met some amazing people, including Eric Qian, a gifted healer.

Is Amy Loughren married?

Amy Loughren was married to her ex-husband, Richard “Rich” Loughren. The former couple have a daughter, Alex Loughren.

Their daughter Alex graduated from Regent’s American College in London and lived in Oneonta, New York with her husband Bryan Thomas and their beautiful daughter Blayze (born October 23, 2020).

As for Rich, he graduated from SUNY Empire State College and joined C&S Wholesale Grocers in 1995 as a DSD buyer. He worked there for 9 years and then joined Heineken USA as “Area Sales Manager / Business Development Manager”. In 2015, he became the “Regional Sales Manager” at Friendly’s Ice Cream, LLC, working there as late as 2022.

In addition to Alex, Amy also has a daughter, Maya Porter, with Eric Glade Porter.

Maya studied “Esthetics/Skincare” at Dermalogica Academy and “Therapeutic Massage” at the School of Massage Therapy’s Natural Wellness Center. While her father, Eric Glade, graduated from SUNY and studied “film” at Bucks County Community College-Lower Bucks Campus.

Eric is also a former recording artist/musician at HBO/Comedy Central and a former guitarist at The Hit Factory/Sears Sound Studios. Originally from Guatemala City, Eric loved Latin music, jazz, and 1960s pop music and played the sousaphone in his high school band. After that, his love of the guitar led him to work with groups at high school dances and later in clubs.

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Trivia: Amy may have been married twice.

  • Where is Amy Loughren from?

Amy comes from Norwich, New York. She said, “I’m just a girl from a small town in upstate New York.”

He then moved to DeLand, Florida and returned to New York.

  • Is Amy Loughren on Instagram and Facebook?

Find Amy on Instagram @amythegoodnurse and on Facebook @AmyLoughren.

Also, here is his Twitter @amythegood nurse.

  • Where did Amy Loughren go to school?

Amy has not revealed details about her upbringing.

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