Who Is Melody Huang? Meet Derek Ong Wife: Wiki And Family

Following the sad death of Derek Ong, co-founder of Tipsy Collective, many people are intrigued about the lady who remained by his side, Derek Ong’s wife. While Derek was known as an entrepreneur, his wife, Melody Huang, was a driving force. Derek Ong is the famed Tipsy Collective hospitality group’s visionary co-founder. He died abruptly on August 26, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and originality in the realms of entertainment and hospitality.

At the age of 35, Ong’s sudden death threw a pall over the much-anticipated September 1 grand launch of the Tipsy Unicorn Beach Club, the company’s most ambitious initiative yet. The old Wave House was slated to be transformed into a paradise of entertainment and leisure at this spacious and fascinating facility, tucked on Sentosa’s scenic Siloso Beach Walk. Derek Ong was not just a hospitality maverick, but also a kind host; only days before his death, he was slated to give a media preview at the beach club.

Melody Huang, Derek Ong’s wife, mourns his death

Following the untimely death of Derek Ong, co-founder of the Tipsy Collective, many people have been left wondering about the lady who remained by his side through thick and thin—his loving wife, Melody Huang. Melody, who was born on November 26 in Singapore, has kept her personal life under wraps. Details about her parents, upbringing, and probable siblings are kept under wraps. Her outgoing social personality is well known. She embodies the spirit of adventure in the culinary world, with a penchant for exploring diverse cuisines.

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Melody and Derek started their adventure together in marriage when they married in April of 2015. The precise date is unknown, but their love story was nothing short of extraordinary. They went on several journeys together, sharing their love of travel and discovery. Melody was more than Derek’s life companion; she was the staunchest supporter in his booming business endeavors.

Her faith in his idea contributed to the Tipsy Collective’s current success. Derek’s abrupt departure has surely thrown a pall over her life, leaving her heartbroken. While we may not know every element of Melody’s background, her love and support for Derek Ong were obvious to everybody. Her courage and resilience show through throughout this difficult period.

Derek Ong’s Family Information

It’s natural to think about Derek Ong, the co-founder of the Tipsy Collective, and his family as we remember him. Derek, although being a famous person, preferred to keep his family life surprisingly quiet. Details regarding his parents, including their ages and marital status, have remained unknown. Derek was a mystery when it came to his ancestors, but one thing was certain: his devotion to his family.

Derek and his wife, Melody Huang, have two boys. Taegen, one of them, was a more visible character in Derek’s social media presence. Derek often posted wonderful images of his children, revealing his life as a caring parent. His second son’s identity and facts remain unknown to the public. Furthermore, Derek’s sudden death has left a significant hole in the lives of these young lads. The death of a parent is a terrible weight to bear, particularly when it occurs unexpectedly. While we may not know the breadth of Derek’s family life, his love for his children was clear, and their sadness serves as a devastating reminder of the human toll of his terrible death.

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Derek Ong

Derek Ong Net Worth

Derek Ong had a spectacular career in the hotel sector before co-founding Tipsy Collective with his colleague David Gan. According to BNN Network, he started as a part-time banquet server throughout his adolescence, polishing his talents and enthusiasm for the industry. Because of his effort, he ultimately became a great bartender. Derek’s entrepreneurial zeal had no limitations, as seen by his numerous endeavors, which included a halal fish bak kwa company. However, he and David Gan built their first restaurant, Tipsy Penguin, at Tampines Junction in 2018.

This marked the beginning of Tipsy Collective, which would go on to open over ten restaurants and bars, greatly adding to Singapore’s culinary environment. While Derek Ong’s exact net worth is unknown, his multiple sources of income, including revenues from the several locations under Tipsy Collective, are likely to exceed $1 million.

His regular trips to fine dining establishments and considerable travel may have also aided his financial holdings. His status as a hospitality industry influencer continues to grow with the forthcoming debut of the Tipsy Unicorn Beach Club.

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