Who Is Julian S Moiwai? Meet Sandra Mae Frank Alleged Partner!

Sandra Mae Frank is a famous American actress, stage performer, model, television personality, businesswoman, and social media influencer. But most importantly, it’s her role as Dr. Elizabeth Wilder on NBC’s hit medical drama. new amsterdam which gave him great fame among the television audience. His character quickly became a favorite and fans wanted to know about his personal life, especially the part about his alleged partner Julian S. Moiwai. So the rest of the text is exactly that.

Meet Julian S. Moiwai, the alleged partner of Sandra Mae Frank

Sandra Mae Frank did not appear to be married in 2022. However, various outlets reported that she was in a relationship with Julian S. Moiwai.

The two even referred to each other as their “sun” and “moon” in the captions of their IG posts in July 2020. The post was a preview of an Amazon ad featuring them together. “First commercial performance with my grandmother! (It’s natural!!)”, Sandra wrote next to hers, implying at that moment that they were obviously together.

Are Sandra Mae Frank and Julian S Moiwai married or still dating?

Though it was unclear as of 2022 if Sandra Mae Frank and Julian S Moiwai are still in a relationship. There also doesn’t appear to be any recent photos of the two together on social media.

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So, until the moment of writing this text, their relationship was still unconfirmed. However, it was also reported that they started dating sometime in 2017.

Julian S Moiwai Age

Born in 1990, Julian S. Moiwai turned 32 in 2022.

Julian S Moiwai family

Julian S Moiwai was born into a family of immigrants from Germany and Sierra Leone. That’s what Julian calls himself, the “proud baby peacemaker.”

Her father, Braima Moiwai, born and raised in Sierra Leone, according to her LinkedIn profile, is a freelance arts and crafts professional in Durham, North Carolina. His diverse creative work as an artist-educator and interactive performer is said to have drawn from a rich cultural tradition woven through the daily life of the village. He also studied history and geography at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, and taught for five years before immigrating to the US in 1986.

While Stella Kirkendale, Julian’s mother, is a global health educator, trainer, and advocate working in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. He is said to have spent more than 30 years managing, training, advocating, and community capacity building public health programs globally and in the US. He has a degree in public health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has also been a volunteer sign language interpreter for the North Carolina NAACP for the past decade.

As for how these interracial people met, Braima was a local schoolteacher and Stella was an “Aggie” extension agent working with independent farmers. After meeting in Sierra Leone, they married and eventually settled in Durham, North Carolina, where Julian was born.

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At the age of 10 months, Julian became seriously ill with H flu spinal meningitis and lost his hearing. Neither of Julian’s parents knew sign language, so it was quite a challenge for them. They immediately started classes at the local university and they also enrolled him in a boarding school for the deaf for the first few years, after which Julian went to regular schools in his hometown.

From Julian’s perspective, he grew up trying to fit in. Today, he remembers that he was half black and half white, too light for the black group and too dark for the white group.

Work by Julian S Moiwai

Julian S Moiwai is reportedly a videographer/photographer, model and activist. But his LinkedIn profile has different things to say about him. First, he introduces you as a study manager for extension services at the Texas School for the Deaf. He has been in this job full-time since September 2021. And just before that, he worked in various positions, from social media coordinator to media production manager at ZVRSalmost a decade.

So Julian comes with over 10 years of experience in video marketing and production, a true digital tech geek.

Talking about her education, she graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

If you also need to know, Julian is said to earn $73,000 as salary according to The Texas Tribunereport.

As for his supposed partner, he has appeared in hit shows like replaced at birth and Zoey’s Excellent Playlist as well as notable movies like 2018 A soul to protect and in 2019 the multiverseDon’t let your hearing loss stop you.

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The Louisville native began losing her hearing as a baby and finally went deaf when she was 3 years old. In 2013, she graduated from Gallaudet University. She then made her Broadway debut in the 2015 revival of Spring Awakening produced by Deaf West Theatre.

Not to be missed, like Sandra, Julian also walks proudly as a first generation Deaf American.

  • Is Julian S Moiwai on Instagram?

That. Julian S Moiwai can be found on Instagram @whatjujusaid with 161 posts and 4,327 followers. He was also active on Twitter. @JulianMoiwai.

  • When is Julian S Moiwai’s birthday?

Julian S. Moiwai’s birthday is February 9, which makes him an Aquarius.

  • Where is Julian S Moiwai from?

Julian S Moiwai was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. Although as of 2022 it was based in Austin, Texas.

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