Who Is Jessica Stocker From “Winter House” Season 2?

This week, the Winter House returns with an exciting new season. Even in Vermont, when the actual stars meet, the temperature rises. Season 2 will see the stars of Summer House and Southern Charm reunite with their friends over a two-week break that will prove more intense than not, giving viewers enough drama. to attract them. Jessica Stocker made her first appearance on the show, seizing the opportunity to join the Bravo show after Jason Cameron contacted her on social media. Stoker, a Metaverse real estate agent, loves to travel and has a diverse personality, which often leads to disputes.

According to the program’s press release:

“The movie heats up when the temperature drops! During a two-week vacation in Stowe, Vermont, some of Bravo’s famous actors from “Summer House” and “Southern Charm” and their friends will be taking a winter break. When this raucous gang embarks on an incredible adventure filled with hot tub relationships and ice-cold jokes, the six-episode series has reached new heights. “

The Winter Home will premiere on Bravo on Thursday, October 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Meet Jessica Stocker, the rookie who will appear in the Winter House.

Snowy Vacation is back for another season, and this time there are some new faces on the show. Jessica Stocker, a real estate agent, is one of them. The businesswoman from California loves to travel and has a YouTube channel called Blondes Building Equity which she runs with her best friend and is dedicated to the real estate market. Jessica loves going out and going to the beach. It will be very attractive if warm weather visitors can bloom in winter.

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Her career in real estate began in 2017 after graduating from Chemeketa Community College with an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree. She previously worked for Beach Real Estate, Keller Williams and Digi.Land before starting her own company, Kinsey and Jessica Realty.

According to Stocker’s Bravo profile, the young real estate agent will discover a relationship that could continue during her time at the Winter Home. In a recent online video, co-star Luke Gulbranson showed an interest in Jessica. Jessica said in the movie’s trailer that she’s interested in sex. She was also seen discussing it with other individuals and testing it. Kory Keefer and Rachel Clarke are two newcomers to the show.

More information about the program

This season will feature a lot of drama, new and old. The video shows a heated argument between several actors, which ends with one of them jumping in a car and driving away. While there will be a lot of conflict and tension at the Winter House this season, there will also be love in the air.

Jessica Stocker

Craig and Paige from Summer House are on their first trip as a couple, as well as their first time living in the same house. Paige is worried because she has never lived with a man before. Craig said this was the one they saw the most because they were in a long distance relationship for most of the time of the relationship.

Kyle and Amanda, a couple whose public displays of affection may upset some of their housemates, will also appear in Winter House. The show will premiere on Bravo on Thursday, October 13, at 8:00 p.m. ET, with episodes available on Peacock.

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