Who Is Jeffrey Dubow? His Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife

Let us introduce Jeffrey Dubow of Brooke and Jeffrey in the morning. In the following, we will reveal information related to his age, job, net worth and his wife.

This article covers it all, so keep scrolling down to find out more about your favorite radio show host.

Who is Jeffrey Dubow?

Jeffrey Dubow is the host of the radio show Brooke and Jeffrey Morning. Listeners of the show were stunned when they were unable to hear the show on the regular station. Some thought that they had stopped the program, but it seems that this is not the case.

“Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning” has changed stations, so fans have to work harder to locate the show and listen to it.

The series has gained popularity across the country, but the show is not shown all over the world. You can watch parts of the show if you follow Brooke and Jeffrey on Twitter, TikTok, or any other social media platform, as they share parts of their shows there as well. Plus, even if there are no stations airing the show in your area, you can still download and listen to it whenever you want thanks to the podcast where they post excerpts and full episodes.

More surprisingly, Brooke and Jeffrey’s social media did not inform fans about the change in seasons. There are several ways to keep checking in to hear Brooke, Young Jeffrey, and the staff banter with each other, so for those interested, there’s no apparent reason why they wouldn’t want to help people keep watching the series.

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According to Jeffrey’s bio on the show, Jeffrey, or “Young Jeffrey,” is the co-host of the nationally successful morning show originating from MOViN 92.5 Hubbard Radio out of Seattle. Brooke and Jeffrey features conversations about the latest in pop culture and entertainment, hilarious skits, and listener interaction.

Meanwhile, Young Jeffrey has been described as the “heart and soul” of the show.

How much is Jeffrey Dubow net worth?

Jeffrey Dubow net worth is over $600,000. Jeff has been with MOViN 92.5 Hubbard Radio out of Seattle since September 2010 as Associate Producer/Broadcast Talent. He previously worked as an on-air personality and executive producer of the Marconi Award-winning show Brooke & Jubal.

He traveled to Seattle to study at the university after leaving his native Los Angeles, where he discovered his passion for radio. For ten years, Jeffrey instilled ferocity and sarcasm on the air, but it was his parody songs or “Song of the Week,” which he performed live on the show every Friday morning, that made him the most famous performer. .

According to his Brooke & Jeffrey bio, he “has written and sung over 300 songs to date, but is still anxiously awaiting the call from Capitol Records to finally sign him to a multi-million dollar deal.”

Jeff graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Psychology in 2010.

Jeffrey Dubow’s Wife

Jeffrey Dubow became the husband of Christina Dubow (née Simpson) on October 7, 2017. The couple don’t talk much about their marriage or relationship, but they do occasionally show love for each other on social media. However, Jeffrey’s latest post suggested that they have known each other for over 7 years.

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On the other hand, the first publication of Jeffrey and Christina that we can find on their Facebook. They’ve probably been in a relationship since at least November 2013. Meanwhile, in Jeffrey’s Facebook post, we see them going back to November 2012.

As of 2022, they share no children with each other.

Speaking of her wife, Christine has been working at Microsoft as the WW Xbox Category Operations Leader since February 2022. She founded Curated Life Coaching, LLC in March 2022. She has also worked at companies like Prime 8 Consulting, AOL, Vega Consultants and Granada. Gloves and Nordstorm.

Jeffrey Dubow Age

Jeffrey Dubo celebrates his birthday on October 17. Reportedly born in 1988, Jeffrey is currently 33 years old.

Who are the parents of Jeffrey Dubow?

Jeffrey Dubow was born to his parents Sulu Dubow, also known as Susan Denise Lubin Dubow and Mark Dubow.

His mother Sulu was born in Chandler, Arizona in 1956 and was named during an appearance on the Dr. Demento Show. She has won numerous awards for her composition and began writing poetry as a child at Calvert Street School in Woodland Hills, California.

Sulu began winning poetry and songwriting contests at the age of 13. She also took dance, theater, improvisation, guitar and piano lessons to overcome her shyness. She also wrote jingles and performed them on KABC’s Ken and Bob Show on KABC Talk Radio in the ’80s and ’90s and for Sports Talk on KABC.

Sulu earned a BA in Ethnic Arts from UCLA in 1980, as well as a teaching credential and a master’s degree in Individualized Curriculum in Elementary Education.

Susan has taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 35 years, beginning as a multicultural music specialist at Marquez Elementary School in Pacific Palisades, and currently working at the Elizabeth Learning Center in East Los Angeles as an elementary school teacher. that incorporates performing arts into its classroom.

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For his capstone BA Ethnic Arts project, Sulu created the album “If I Could Hold Thee Jerusalem” about the importance of giving, values ​​and love for Israel, interspersed with various humorous songs. The album received an “Honorable Mention” at the University of Judaism in 1980.

Jeffrey’s father, Mark, has been a principal at Veralon since 2016.

The sister of a radio host named Lisa works in advertising and marketing in New York.

Jeffrey Dubow Height

Jeffrey Dubow’s height is less than 5 feet 10 inches.

  • Where is Jeffrey Dubow located?

Jeffrey Dubow came from Chatsworth, California. He currently located in Bellevue, Washington.

  • Is Jeffrey Dubow on Twitter and Instagram?

Yes, you can find Jeffrey on Twitter (@ItsYoungJeffrey) and Instagram (@itsyoungjeffrey).

  • How much does Jeffrey Dubow earn in salary?

Jeffrey Dubow’s salary has yet to be revealed. However, the salary for a radio host in Seattle, Washington is around $65,524.

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