Who Is Iain Stirling? Love Island Voiceover Artist: Age & Wiki

Iain Stirling, Love Island voice artist and BAFTA-winning comedian, is behind the witty commentary and catchphrase “Tonight, on Love Island”. Iain Stirling just revealed to Love Island viewers where he filmed for the show, and that it wasn’t in the mansion’s basic “tin tent”.

Taking advantage of the “Day in My Life” Instagram trend, Iain Stirling revealed to his 810,000 followers how he spends his day, including filming for Love Island. Fans expected it to take place in a state-of-the-art recording studio, but it turned out to be just an empty room in his house.

Iain Stirling recorded the Love Island soundtrack in his own studio.

On June 7, 2023, the 35-year-old Scottish voice actor posted a clip on his Instagram profile with the caption:

“I am rebroadcasting this from the first time it was shortened. That’s not enough because I can’t stress how much this project has taken from me. “A day in the life of a #loveisland voiceover artist.”

Iain Stirling demonstrated how he starts his day by hitting the gym, having lunch with wife Laura Whitmore and then recording his voice in his home studio, which he has converted into a “room” his recording”. The book is littered with clever commentary, as one would expect from a manga series. He say:

“And now to the protest part.” With the touch of a button, my desk slowly transforms into an OMG voice studio and I say what you’ve all been waiting for me to say – Tonight on Love Island.

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The footage surprised Love Island viewers, leading many to comment:

“Are you telling me you didn’t film this in a tin shack behind the mansion?”

According to the CelebAbility host, he worked at the mansion “until it closed”. The move was due to restrictions due to COVID, as was his newborn, Stevie Rea. Iain Stirling and former Love Island host Laura Whitmore welcomed a daughter in March 2021.

Iain Stirling is a comedian, writer and television presenter, as well as a voice artist.

He studied law at the University of Edinburgh and discovered his interest in stand-up comedy during his senior year at university in 2009. Iain Stirling competed in the Chortle Student Comedian of the Year final at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, runner-up behind Joe Lycett. Stirling’s television career began when he joined CBBC, where he hosted series including All Over the Place and The Dog Ate My Homework. In 2017, he won the BAFTA Children’s Award for his later work. Stirling’s voice became synonymous with Love Island in 2015 as he narrated the show and injects his signature humor into each episode.

Iain Stirling

Stirling expressed his thoughts on Love Island’s continued appeal in an interview with The Scotsman, saying:

“I think it’s because we’re all obsessed with love and romance.” Every TV show revolves around a love story. “Love Island has removed all other elements and now focuses only on what people find attractive.”

In addition to Love Island, Stirling has appeared in a number of other shows, including CelebAbility, Taskmaster and the ITV comedy Buffering, in which he not only starred but also co-wrote.

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Iain Stirling Age: How old is he?

Iain Andrew Stirling was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on January 27, 1988. He is 35 years old as of 2023. He is a comedian, writer, TV presenter, actor, storyteller. and streamer born in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2020, Stirling married presenter, model and actress Laura Whitmore at Dublin City Hall in a humanities ceremony. In late March 2021, Whitmore gave birth to the couple’s daughter Stevie Re.

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