Who Is Emily Dodson Dating In 2022?

The 14-year-old TikToker has made quite a name for herself over the internet. Emily Dobson is most popular for her dance videos which she uploads on the social media platform TikTok, but little do most know that she has also been an avid ballet dancer since the age of three. She has even won multiple prizes after her formal training in art school. Unlike most so-called dancers on TikTok, Emily has talent and has put in the effort to move forward in life, building a massive and loyal fan base. She has also participated in charity events since childhood. Hailing from Los Angeles, she is a three-time dancer champion and is known for her graceful performance Emerald Ball DanceSport Championship. But her greatest achievement was performing at the California Star Ball event, after which her popularity skyrocketed in 2018.

Born and brought up in a middle-class family, she now has a net worth of $1 million and owns a lavish house in the most expensive bits of Los Angeles. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts dances, pranks, and vlogs about her life. She is in a joint venture with her pals called the “The Squad” with other influencers like Piper Rockelle, Jentzen Ramirez, Elliana, Lev Cameron, and Jenna Davis, reportedly, all of them are best friends and hang out in LA.

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Emily And Swayer

The most popular relationship of Emily Dobson has to be with young actor Sawyer Sharbino. The couple confessed to being crushing on each other and reportedly started dating. They posted multiple Instagram posts and YouTube videos together, both on Emily’s channel and on Sawyer’s channel, and have kept at it till in early 2021, when Swayer posted a video on YouTube about them breaking up. The falling out of the teenage couple left many fans devastated to the point that the two youngsters confessed to having their DMs flooded with messages from fans to check if it was true, but alas, both confirmed that everything spoken in the video was factual and the two had broken up. Sawyer said that they had realized that they were still young and there was no need to rush such matters. Emily added that they are still friends, and that is not going to change.

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To show Emily and Sawyer dating
Emily Dobson and Sawyer Sharbino confirmed to be dating

Since it was valentine’s day, Sawyer had asked Emily to be his valentine, and the couple ended their relationship on a happy note. The fans were disappointed but understood the young YouTubers, and the rest is history.

Are Emily And Jentzen Dating?

The ship ‘Jemily’ has been a big thing with the Squad fans for some time, especially so in 2022. While some confirm it to be true with Piper commenting on their videos about how their ship should sail. In one of the squad videos, Lev had asked Jentzen Ramirez who his crush was, and though his answer was censored to keep the suspense going, fans think it was Emily since Piper said she would be down for it if both of them were happy with each other. While this has sent hate around with fans of Eliana, Jentzen’s ex-girlfriend or ‘crush’ as the adolescents call it, saying that Piper is a toxic friend and Eliana should leave the Squad; there are no official statements made. Eliana continues to be a part of the group, and constant tension remains between Jentzen and Emily.

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Jentzen has been found in several of the Squad videos cuddling or wanting to cuddle Emily, and this is doing no favors to the situation as fans are confused and yearning for answers from the gang.

To show emily and Jentzen who are rumored to be dating
‘Jemily’ ship rumored to be sailing

So, Who Is Emily Dodson Dating Now?

Thus, as of now, in 2022, Emily Dodson remains single. But the audience is betting on Jemily getting together, to the discomfort of others. People who have been following Emily since her childhood want the best for her and her friends. With differences stemming between the Squad-mates as Sophie and Sawyer left the group due to peer pressure. We do not know if the tea we have been getting is real or if the Squad has just been spilling some to get more views, but Emily is going strong with over 2 million subscribers, and she does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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