Who Is Elena Dubaich From “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 7?

Since the premiere of Season 7 of Under Deck Mediterranean, several crew members/cast members have been changed. Next week’s episode will introduce a new stew named Elena Dubaich, who will replace Kyle Viljoen on the team. Kyle injured his ankle after falling down the stairs in episode 17, fans already know. Throughout the show, he is seen resting on his bed while the in-house staff work around the clock to serve tenants. Given the workload, Governor Natasha Webb made the difficult decision to replace her best friend Kyle for the last hire because the crew asked someone to take over his responsibilities.

Fortunately, Captain Sandy Yawn didn’t have to wait long to find a replacement. Kyle’s departure was mentioned in episode 17, however, the captain hinted that he might return. Meanwhile, Elena Dubaich will debut Inside Deck Mediterranean season 7 as the second Hungarian goulash in episode 18.

Elena Dubaich previously worked as a masseuse on a superyacht.

Elena Dubaich is new to Under Deck Mediterranean season 7 after Kyle Viljoen injured his ankle. He will work as a goulash in the internal team. Elena worked as a massage therapist on a superyacht before joining Bravo. Elena, according to her profile on the network’s website, is looking for a job that allows her to travel the world. As a result, she enrolled in massage school and eventually worked as a hostess at spas on yachts and luxury yachts.

Elena’s bio on Bravo’s website reads:

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“With a spirit of adventure, she began looking for a job that would allow her to travel the world.” She went to massage school and discovered her true inclinations before continuing her studies in London, Stockholm and Bangkok. She honed her skills on private luxury tours, where she also taught yoga and meditation workshops before eventually becoming a spa manager.”

To be continued:

“She changed careers during the epidemic, working as a hostess at spas on charter ships and private yachts.” Elena is excited to open her own massage school and teach students around the world.”

Elena’s biography also says that she grew up in Slovenia and her first job after graduation in English and Russian was as an interpreter. She has a natural talent for learning new languages, which has helped her learn several dialects while growing up in various Balkan countries.

Elena Dubaich

Elena, according to her Instagram account (@thebalkanbiscuit), is a fitness fanatic who “believes in the natural flow of life”, as well as someone who loves to dress up and party — traits that are very fit under deck in the Mediterranean season 7 groups.

When is the premiere date for Under Deck Mediterranean season 7 episode 18?

Under the Mediterranean Deck Season 7 Episode 18 will premiere on Bravo on Monday, November 7, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Elena will make her debut in the upcoming episode. Stuck in the Griddle with You is the title of episode 18, and the official synopsis is as follows:

“For the final charter, a special, new crew member joins and the internal team tries to teach her.” Two famous NFL players are on the founding team, one of whom has special dietary requirements that Dave is struggling with. Natasha and Natalya try to mend the fence. When one of the charter passengers loses a valuable item, Courtney is forced to help them with the impossible. In unexpected situations, Natasha and Dave are forced to face going back in time.”

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It will be the final charter for crew members. Only time will tell if Elena can replace Kyle or drown under the burden of work. Beneath the Mediterranean Deck Season 7 premieres on Bravo every Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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