Who Is David Nyakango? Meet Margaret Nyakango Husband: Married Life & Kid

Margaret Nyakango, the recently detained Controller of Budget, and her husband, David Nyakango, seem to be the most searched for internet recently. The internet buzz around her children and family is also building. Margaret Nyakano is a well-known person in Kenyan finance and government. On December 4, 2019, she was appointed “Controller of the Budget of the Republic of Kenya.”

Notably, she is just the second person to occupy this important role since its inception. Nyakango is well-known for her extensive background as an accountant, financial manager, and government servant. Nyakango worked as a director at the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) before taking on her present position. Her legislative clearance validated her credentials for the job. She has a Doctor of Business Administration (DrBA) from the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Nyakango, as a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK), makes an important contribution to Kenya’s financial governance scene.

Margaret Nyakango’s Husband David Nyakango.

People are eager to see Margaret Nyakango’s husband, David Nyakango, after the recent arrest of the Controller of Budget. David Nyakango is a seasoned auditor with substantial expertise and a significant financial impact in Kenya. Margaret’s expertise in the operational conditions typical in audit companies has surely been aided by his work as a long-time practicing auditor. David Nyakango, Margaret Nyakango’s spouse, is a well-known accountant in his own right. He is now the CEO of the family-owned MDN Kenya LLP – Certified Public Accountants in Upper Hill.

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The practitioner’s professional knowledge and passion have been important in the firm’s success. MDN Kenya LLP has most likely made a substantial contribution to Kenya’s financial and accounting industry during his guidance. David has had an important role in Margaret Nyakango’s professional development. Their cooperation in many professional activities exemplifies a relationship founded on mutual support, shared competence, and shared dedication. David has a complex personality outside of his work efforts. In 2016, he became the men’s champion at the Limuru Country Club. Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding Margaret Nyakango’s arrest and looming legal problems, David Nyakango’s reputation has not been affected. With constant professionalism, he remains a renowned figure in the accounting and auditing fields.

Learn More About Margaret Nyakango Children and Family

Margaret Nyakango, Kenya’s Controller of Budget, has a fascinating family dynamic that is strengthened by her children’s different talents. David and Margaret have a large family. Her boys have chosen different careers; one works for the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), while the other is an architect.

Their many interests demonstrate variety and skill, and they contribute to several areas. Margaret’s daughters are also successful in their various careers. One of her daughters is a lawyer who fights for justice and advocacy. Similarly, her second daughter is dedicated to the promotion of world healthcare. In Scotland, she is involved in medical research for uncommon disorders. Margaret Nyakango continues to educate and support young female professionals outside of her formal responsibilities.

Margaret Nyakango

Through her work with the Association of Women Accountants of Kenya, the Controller is empowering various groups of women. Furthermore, as a mother of four children, she is committed to mentoring the next generation and developing future significant persons in society. The Nyakango family exemplifies achievement, versatility, and a dedication to making important contributions in a variety of professions. Margaret’s children exhibit various abilities and expertise, each creating their way.

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