Who Is Colleen Reed From “Love Is Blind” Season 3?

The third season of Love is Blind recently debuted on Netflix. On October 19, 2022, the first four episodes of the popular reality series were released. Thirty new singles entered the group, eager to jump in and fall in love blindly. Colleen Reed, a 26-year-old ballet dancer from Dallas, Texas, is one of them. In this episode, she proposed to Matt Bolton.

According to the official Love Is Blind synopsis,

Vanessa and Nick Lachey love to joke: “The compartments are open now”. Or, at least, that will be when the third season of Love Is Blind begins on October 19. Those groups will of course consist of 30 individuals seizing the opportunity and wishing to be passionately in love, however, only a few will get engaged without ever seeing their loved ones. It takes a rare cast to step into Love Is Blind, and the cast is brilliant.”

Love is Blind Season 3 released a trailer ahead of its premiere, showing multiple marriage proposals and preparations for the wedding. The preview also showed one of the actors walking down the line, but he changed his mind. Viewers will have to watch the series, which is currently available to stream on Netflix, to find out if they’ll make it.

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Colleen Reed, from Season 3 of Love Is Blind, is a digital PR expert.

Colleen was born in 1995 in Easton, Pennsylvania and currently works as a dancer for the North Texas Ballet in Dallas, Texas. According to Cinemaholic, Colleen’s passion for ballet began at a very young age, when she began studying with Oleg Brianski and Mirelilla Briana. She then went on to study at the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet with Karen Knerr.

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Colleen performed with several ballets over the years, including the Boston Ballet, the Orlando Ballet, and the Nashville Ballet. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Public Relations in 2018. Colleen earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ballet Performance the following year.

Colleen, according to her Netflix profile, can’t wait to meet the love of her life and believes he’s in the capsule. Her longest relationship lasted almost five years. She also believes that when someone finds their person, they have an instant connection.

“I strongly believe that when you meet ‘that person,’ you get an immediate feeling, and I don’t have it yet.”

Colleen Reed

Colleen also thinks this experiment will help her define who she is forever by eliminating distractions. He has about 2,000 followers on Instagram. Her social media highlights include summer vacations, dances, and friends. Most of her posts also feature photos from ballet performances, beach visits, and outings with friends. The first four episodes of Love is Blind Season 3 are now available on Netflix. The next episodes of the show will be released on Wednesdays. Previous seasons and episodes are also available to watch in order on the streaming service.

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