Who Is Beverly Kills From “Drag Race Down”?

The second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under will premiere on July 30 with ten new drag queens eager to scorch the stage with their charm. Beverly Kills, a Brisbane queen, will be one of the contestants on the program. Kills, who is of European-Australian descent, will participate in fashion and performance challenges with the hopes of becoming the next drag sensation on Drag Race Down Under. RuPaul will emcee the program, with judges including longstanding Drag Race legend Michelle Visage and comedian Rhys Nicholson.

Beverly Kills, the star of Drag Race Down Under, fell in love with drag as a youngster.

Beverly Kills, 21, is the youngest contender on Drag Race Down Under. She was “born and reared on the Gold Coast’s beaches,” but she relocated to Brisbane, Australia, for the love of drag. According to her Twitter bio, she is a “whip cracking, fire eating, leap splitting drag queen.” Fans may get a preview of her flair on her Instagram account, @thebeverlykills, where she shares photographs of her numerous personalities and strives for her 10,000 followers as of writing.

The burlesque and sideshow performer was a “school pariah.” When she was in her teens, she fell in love with drag. In high school, she witnessed RuPaul’s Drag Race and fell in love with the art. Beverly Kills witnessed a “local drag live” when she was old enough and understood precisely what she wanted to perform. She began her drag career only a few months after turning 18 and quickly rose to stardom. Beverly Kills not only won first place in a local drag competition, but she also landed a weekly residency at Fluffy (Brisbane), one of Australia’s most recognized nightclubs. She is regarded as one of Brisbane’s most prominent upcoming drag performers.

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Beverly Kills uses drag as medication. Without drag, she finds it difficult to “cope” with things since the art form makes her “feel bold and passionate.” In footage from Wow’s Drag Race Down Under, she explained what the Beverly Kills performance had to offer audience members:

“The Beverly Kills concert is all about glitz and grit, and treading the line between the two.” So I try to get the crowd excited with a huge, loud punk rock concert, but I’ll still seduce them with things like feminine s*xual energy.”

Beverly Kills adores Australia’s drag culture because they “lift each other up” and serve as “one huge, enormous family.”

Beverly Kills

People frequently assume that since she is young, she is unaware of the sort of drag she wants to perform, but this is not the case. The queen herself stated:

“Beverly Kills resembles a snake in the grass. She’s slow, quiet, calculating, and prepared. When she realizes the moment has come to attack, she will pounce.”

This is precisely what she intends to achieve in Drag Race Down Under, which will premiere on WOW Presents Plus in select countries across the globe on July 30.

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