Who Are Alex Propson Parents: Keith And Trish Propson?

4th season sailboat under deck started on April 10, 2023 and introduced viewers to some famous yachts and some new ones. Among the new crew members was Seaman Alex Propson. His fans were particularly interested because he was also selected to star in a reality TV show. winter house. So for the rest of the text, let us tell you about her parents, Keith and Trish Propson.

Who are the parents of Under Deck star Alex Propson?

below deck star Alex Propson was born to his parents in July 1994. So, he turned 28 in 2022. He seems to have a very good relationship with his parents.

Read on to find out more about them, individually and together.

Meet Keith Propson, father of Alex Propson

Alex’s father, Keith Propson, is the son of the late Norbert Gregor Propson (1927 – 2012) and Rosemary Halbach.

Before Keith’s father died after a brief illness, he served his country in the United States Army from 1953 to 1955 stationed in Germany. He also served as the Calumet County Recorder for many years. Kloten, Bülach (of Switzerland), born Norbert, also known as Norb, was a rural mail carrier for the US Postal Service in Chilton for 35 years before retiring in 1990. In 1957, he and Rosemary were married in St. Hearts in Sherwood and eventually raised seven children. In addition to Alex, they are Ellen (married to Jack) Kane, Mary (married to Tom) Spaeth, Lori (married to Joe) Krause, Lisa (married to Matt) Schaefer, Lynn (married to Ken) Van Oss, and Debra (married to Eric) Iverson.

  • Keith Propson Age

Keith Propson celebrates his birthday on March 27. And on this day in 2023, he turned 61 years old.

  • Keith Propson’s Business

According to LinkedIn, Keith Propson worked as vice president of finance at UVANTA Healthpharmaceutical company in Appleton, Wisconsin since November 2006 (present).

  • Is Keith Propson on Instagram?

That. Keith Propson was on Instagram. But as of April 12, 2023, the page (@propsonkeith) does not contain any posts.

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However, he seemed more active on his ‘Keith Propson’ Facebook.

Meet Trish Propson, mother of Alex Propson

On August 12, 2022, Alex Propson’s mother took to social media to share the news of her son’s visit. In the next 10 days, she said, they will reconnect, celebrate her birthday and his accomplishments, and begin his life’s journey together. The proud mother also said that she is very grateful for this time with him.

Speaking of Trish as a person, she has been open about difficult times in the past. She has spoken on various platforms about how she survived a volatile world of anger and chronic sexual abuse as a child, teenager, and young adult.

Vulnerable, but also with the goal of encouraging others to speak up, Trish told this time too: how she was sexually raped at age 12 and how she was traded for sex at age 13, and about the first time she was abused when she was only four years.

Trish, as often happens, suffered in silence without a voice throughout her teens and youth. However, at the age of 22, a violent and criminal gang rape of hers forced her to muster up enough courage to come forward for the first time. She also revealed that at the time, her drug overdoses and failed suicide attempts prompted her to embark on a life-changing journey.

  • Trish Propson Age

Trish, full name Patricia J Propson, was born in March 1962. Thus, in 2023 she turned 61.

She also celebrates her birthday on March 17, making her a Pisces.

  • Trish Propson’s Business

Trish Propson is a licensed and ordained chaplain, sexual abuse advocate and crisis worker, and certified biblical counselor. She even has a master’s degree in pastoral counseling.

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During her course, she enthusiastically served as a published author, national speaker, and trainer on best practices for assisting survivors of sexual assault in community settings.

His “Broken or Beautiful” concept offers programs to raise awareness, encourage healing, and affect change related to the issues of sexual abuse and exploitation within our culture from the perspective of the victim.

  • Is Trish Propson on Instagram?

You can find Trish Propson on Instagram @trish.rekenekt. There were 2 posts and 138 followers here as of April 12, 2023. Also, her bio here read “I turn the pages of God’s story for my life. This chapter is about finding out what it means to be a follower of Christ.”

Also, on Facebook, ‘Trish Propson’ regularly featured snippets of her life. And this is what you read here in her introduction: “I loved you with eternal love and I attracted you immensely with kindness.” You are mine, God”

  • Are Alex Propson’s parents still married?

Alex Propson’s parents were still together and married as of 2012. After that, there was no evidence of it. Also, in Trisha’s BIO on the website broken or beautiful, her husband is not mentioned. Instead, he described her as: “Trish was broken and now lives a beautiful and redeemed life as a proud mother of two grown daughters, a son-in-law and two grown sons and she loves her new role as a grandmother.”

So, his current marital status was unclear.

  • How many children do Alex Propson’s parents have?

Alex Propson is not the only child of his parents. There are others: Jenna Propson from San Diego, California, who turned 32 in January 2023, Alyssa R Propson, who turned 27 in October 2022, and Jon Propson from Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

  • Where do Alex Propson’s parents live?

Alex Propson’s father, Keith, listed Chilton, Wisconsin as his hometown and Green Bay, Wisconsin as his current city, on his Facebook.

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On the other hand, Trish only mentioned Lynchburg, Virginia as her current city.

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