Who Are Alex And Stephen Kelly? Meet Mae Stephens Parents: Wiki And Career

Due to Mae Stephens’ recent cooperation with Meghan Trainor, internet people are looking for information about her parents, Alex and Stephen. Anna Mae Kelly, better known as Mae Stephens, is an English soprano and songwriter.
In 2023, her single “If We Ever Broke Up” peaked at 13th on the UK Singles Chart. The song garnered popularity after being previewed on her TikTok page. Prior to that, Stephens released her debut song “I Wish for You to Be Present” in March 2020. On April 24, 2020, “Devil Gaze” took its place.

She published “Infamous Kiss,” a song she created to deal with a difficult era in her life, in September 2020. Following that, “False Statements” was released in March 2021. With her profession reaching new heights, there is increased interest in her parents and family. Let’s look into this.

Mae Stephens Parents: Alex and Stephen Kelly

Mae Stephens is Alex and Stephen Kelly’s youngest child, who christened her Anna Mae Kelly at birth. When it comes to siblings, Mae has an older brother called Nathan. Anna is originally from Kettering, Northamptonshire. Her parents married on April 12, 1996, and are celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary this month. Mae also wrote a song on her parents’ love story. Her father joined the service two months before her mother. He attended Army Apprentice College Harrogate and is presently self-employed.

Alex reportedly met Stephen for the first time and was enthralled by her, despite her mother’s ignorance of his identity. Her father persevered in his attempts to grab her attention, and despite the challenges, she ultimately noticed him. Mae shared a photo of her parents at the studio where she works in November 2019.

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More about Mae Stephens: Her Family and Career

Mae Stephens has not revealed any information about her other family members other than her parents and brother. Following the end of her last relationship, Stephens wrote a song devoted to her ex-partner. She said on TikTok that her ex told her she couldn’t find a better match. In reaction, she wrote a song with the purpose of playing it on the radio to give the impression that she had moved on to someone better.

She also wrote a song called “Mirrors” after a fight with her partner. According to Mae’s TikTok, the song is about wanting to change for the sake of the one you love, despite the obstacles posed by one’s history. Stephens was working at Asda when her TikTok video ‘If We Ever Broke Up’ became viral. Since then, she’s signed with a major record label, played at Glastonbury, and amassed over 350 million worldwide streams. Mae began creating songs at the age of 12, and after seven years, she is looking for fresh chances.

Mae Stephens

She is slated to work with her childhood hero, Meghan Trainor, on their next track “Mr. Right.” She signed a record deal earlier this year, and her newest single, “Mr Right,” is a collaboration with the legendary American singer. Trainor’s debut track, “All About That Bass,” became a worldwide hit in 2014, and she won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2016. She was also a judge on The Voice UK in 2020 and was on Australian Idol this year. Stephens reflected on their collaboration, stating that they had commonalities and that working with her was a real dream come true.

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