Which animal you see in this optical illusion reveals a lot about your personality, are you quiet or stubborn?

THIS awesome optical illusion can reveal whether you are shy and quiet or incredibly stubborn.

But it all depends on which animal you see first.


Were you the first to see a cat or a mouse? Credit: tiktok/@charlesmeriot

The illustrations show the outline of a cat licking its paw, but some sharp-eyed viewers were the first to spot the white mouse in the center of the photo.

The illusion was shared on TikTok by Charles Meriot, who says that the animal you see first reveals a lot about your personality.

He explained: “If you were the first to see a mouse, it means that you are very independent and self-sufficient.”

You may prefer to keep to yourself and be on the more timid side of things.

However, if you were the first to see a cat, it means something completely different.

“You’re smart and easy,” Charles explained.

You could also be stubborn and “have quick mood swings and become very aggressive when things don’t go your way.”

So which one are you?

Viewers loved the clever illusion and couldn’t believe how accurate it was, with one saying, “Definitely a mouse!”

And another joked: “Cat first! That’s true.”

Charles explained what each image on TikTok means


Charles explained what each image means on TikTokCredit: tiktok/@charlesmeriot

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