Where To Find Meow Skulls in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

One of the brand new NPC characters introduced fortress Chapter 3: Part 4 It’s Meow Skulls, fresh and stylish fashion that will impress the discerning people. According to her bio, Meow Skulls is a “calm kitty who knows she’s cool.” This new character is also one of the rewards set for the Battle Pass Chapter 3: Season 4. Specifically, the Meow Skulls are part of the Cali-Cool set, an epic series that features five different styles. These include the default Meow Skulls, white Cloud Nine, futuristic blue Spectral, gilded Aurelian and Celestial, the standard look with some additional subtle lighting.

Work your way through the various quests and challenges available on the way to completion Chapter 3: Part 4, fortress Fans will eventually be able to unlock all of the Meow Skulls’ outfits. On the other hand, those looking to find “Calm Kitty” on the battle royale map need to head to the Rave Cave Landmark.

According to gameplay footage provided by YouTube content creator Comrad3s, Meow Skulls often roam the underground passage of the Rave Cave just northwest of the landmark. Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4. Since she doesn’t stand still, it can be difficult for players to find her in the first moments after arriving. However, this NPC is in Chapter 3 The walk isn’t very fast, so finding her shouldn’t be too difficult unless there are hostile warriors nearby.

Find the location of the Meow Skull in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

If the player enters from the central entrance of the Rave Cave, they should enter the middle area of ​​the Landmark, where a river flows through the cave. From here cross the water to the west side of the cave. Fans will know they’re in the right area if they see the tail of a wrecked plane painted orange. Continue into this part of the Rave Cave, then enter the bunker-like structure on the left. Meow Skulls should go through this tunnel-like passage or the nearby stairs Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4.

Meow Skulls may react differently to the player depending on the Skin Outfit fortress They are used in games. For example, she would tell Meowscles that she would “always stand her ground”. If Doggo is being used, then she will say: “You should leave before my brother sees you.” Of course, none of these reactions affect the gameplay or the purchasable services she offers players. Anyway, here’s how this new NPC character fits in with the rest of the current roster fortress.

Source: Comrade3s

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