Where to Find Doctor Slone in Fortnite (Week 10 Challenge)

Doctor Slone has fought bravely against the alien invaders in Fortnite. For this week 10 challenge, players will need to deal 50 damage to her directly. While Doctor Slone has battled against the aliens throughout the entire season, she’s not exactly the biggest fan of those who get in her way. During Fortnite Week 9, players had to eliminate Trespassers, but week 10 is all about fighting back against the aliens. With each week getting closer to the grand conclusion, it will be interesting to see where the story decides to take players next.

The neat part about this Fortnite challenge, is that players don’t need to actually defeat Doctor Slone in order to complete it, but only inflict 50 points of damage. Doctor Slone’s secret origin was revealed by Batman earlier in the season. Players can opt-in and stay for the battle to get her Pulse Rifle, but players can also run away the moment they get their 50 damage. She’s going to be surrounded by other IO Guards, making it difficult to challenge her 1v1.

Where To Find Doctor Slone in Fortnite (Week 10 Challenge)

Players will be able to encounter Doctor Slone located in Fortnite‘s Corny Complex. She can be found right in the center of this location. Before approaching her, players should suit up with proper weapons and shields. She will attack the player the moment she notices them. She functions as a boss battle and will take a ton of damage before she can be defeated. Players can also opt to land in her area and attack her with the pickaxe if they feel brave enough. 5 swings of the pickaxe will be enough damage to complete this weekly challenge. Players will be rewarded with 30,000 XP for completing this challenge.

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As mentioned, players can grab her Pulse Rifle if they decide to stick around and defeat her. It’s hard to imagine Fortnite‘s IO Guards will take kindly to players defeating their leader. With season 7 coming to a close in September, players are eager to see where the story will take place next. Challenges like launching toilets with the Grabitron will remain one of the season’s most interesting. Will Doctor Slone be successful in her quest to remove the aliens from Fortnite Island or will things just get worst from here on out? Season 8 is shrouded in mystery so players will have to wait until it starts in September.

Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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