Where Is Barbara Dobbs Now? Ron White’s Ex-Wife

Barbara Dobbs is an interior designer and ex-wife of Ron White, a stand-up comedian, actress, and author best known as the founder of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Barbara Dobbs’ Biography

Barbara was probably Ron’s most famous wife when she went missing after breaking up with a celebrity.

Although it is difficult to find the exact date of her birth, some reports suggest that she is 72 years old. Barbara attended Cuyahoga Community College as well as Ohio State University.

Dobbs is said to have spent most of his life in Georgia, passing through Suwanee, Augusta, Duluth, Norcross and Tucker. She is also believed to have lived in Boca Raton, Florida and Spartanburg, South Carolina.

He is believed to currently reside in Goleta, California. Until now, Dobbs is said to have worked as an interior designer for Jeff Foxworthy, who is also a comedian, actor, writer, producer, television/radio personality bar and author.

Dobbs formerly worked for the now defunct Interior Visions Design Group LLC. Relationship between Barbara Dobbs and ex-husband Ron White

Barbara Dobbs, an interior designer, married Drunk In Public comedian Ron White in 2004. Ten years after Tater Slad’s divorce from Lori Brice.

Other wives of ex-husband, Ron White

In 2013, Ron married Margo Rey, a Mexican singer-songwriter, 5 years after divorcing Dobbs, but they divorced 4 years later. During the divorce, Rey claimed that the comedian left her a penny after winning cancer.

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In court documents, White’s second wife said Ron abruptly ended their relationship and canceled her credit card. Rey testified that her ex-husband had also changed the locks in the house they were renovating.

The singer also accused Ron of severing her relationship while she was trying to pay medical bills related to her cancer treatment. She applied for a spousal benefit after Ron’s group abruptly canceled 30 of her concerts – all booked by her group with him – leaving her with no income. import.

Is Barbara Dobbs Married?

It is not known whether Ron’s second wife has remarried or remains single; Dobbs kept a low profile when he married the Texas-born comedian, and remains so to this day.

Moreover, she is practically absent from social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In fact, Dobbs has barely received any media attention since his divorce from White.

Is Barbara as rich as her ex-husband Ron White?

Although Ron is well known as an 8-figure income man with a net worth of over $40 million, it seems that his ex-wife, Barbara, is not as rich as the author of Matters of the Heart. behavior.

In a word, Ron admits that he made over $200k per month in 2020.

Additionally, Forbes named him one of the highest-paid comedians of 2013. And, given Dobbs’ numbers and apparent unpopularity, it’s safe to say she has a long way to go. when you make so much money.

In any case, if not millions of dollars, Dobbs could earn a lot of scholarships, as she is said to be quite famous as a respected designer. On the other hand, her net worth remains a nagging mystery.

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